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Top 25 Grey Canon Fanfictions



For my first assignment, the editor gave me the possibility to choose task freely. And I though;: let’s start with something easy like Top 25 and more precisely the Top 25 Canon Fics. After a few days of research I actually realized my mistake – canon? How the hell did I come up with such an idea? And that lead me to ponder over the question; what exactly is canon for a ship that aren’t even in the same show anymore? According to thescherlockfandom canon means – source material, the original, officially sanctioned media and story line. In Transwiski, we find the clarification that “canon” is regarded as being essentially a verifiable fact in the given fandom. Details as complex as the laws of physics in a given story universe or as minute as how a character’s name is meant to be spelled can be referred to as “canon” details, as long as they are specifically shown or otherwise directly revealed in the source material.

Mh… such an interesting definition… I wonder … what are we going to do with Klaroline then?  Certainly some canon moments of Klaroline are present during the show (hooray!) but thanks to our friend Julie and to her organic plot we have the following path: Caroline and Klaus meet, Klaus tries to kills Caroline and then he actually saves her (twice); Caroline lures Klaus in Salvatores’ traps (hundred-ish times) but it always ends in an epic fail (luckily); Klaus woos Caroline (kind of) and Caroline turns him down (girl in denial); Klaus and Caroline have sex (randomly but hey! we don’t complain) and they part away (fantabulous writing FYI Jules). So! The Canon would suggest that Klaus moves as happy as Larry to New Orleans and Caroline simply forgets about him. How depressing! I know. Which kind of list I am supposed to put together? Cry me a river list? Happily ever after but apart list?

Fortunately Fanlore came to my rescue with a speculation: grey canon. Fantastic! That is a detail implied or easily inferred in canon but not confirmed outright.  Now … I know there is that tiny detail in episode 5×11 where it is thinly implied that Klaus walks away and never comes back. But in episode 4×23 it is also said “he is your first love, I intend to be your last however long it takes”. And that’s the leitmotif of our beloved pairing.

After the disaster that is 4×20 quite literally every fanfiction is AU because our canon is well, nothing. Therein lies the difficulty in explaining Klaroline canon fanfictions.

A distinction between Canon TVD and Canon TO is in order. Indeed, as several articles in this magazine have already underlined (see also “An original Dissection” and “Klaus’ Sex Life and why Hayley was the one to destroy his character”) Klaus’ character shows a change in The Originals. In The Vampire Diaries he is The Evil, the most dangerous creature on the planet but at the same time it is left enough room for speculations: he is not completely a lost cause because under the evil there is layer of humanity shown in his ultimate desire of being accepted and even loved.

Where does that leave us? What could be considered as canon in the Klaroline fandom? I listed some criteria:

  • Characters are vampires.

That’s it!

Just kidding.

Other canon elements would be:

  • The storyline takes place from a specific episode in the TV show (and possibly it develops in a happily ever after).
  • The characters’ behavior in the storyline is close to the original idea i.e. Caroline helps the Scooby Doo band to take down Klaus (and hopefully it develops anyway in a happily ever after).
  • The characters’ personality is close to the original idea i.e. Caroline is a compromise between bubbly and brave and Klaus is evil but not (completely) a lost case.
  • Additional characters are given no importance whatsoever lol (holler Jeremy you dead again yet?)
  • Darkness vs Lightness motif is explored.
  • Logic takes a swan dive off a cliff.

Under this presupposition I would conclude that even if in general most part of Klaroline fanfictions start with a canon idea they end up as AU. But here’s our top 25 grey canon fanfictions! Let’s start our journey!


  1.    Une Dernière Danse by Moultipass1

“One last dance, love”. He leaves tomorrow; she should feel relieved, shouldn’t she? But then why does she feel regret? And why does she place her hand in his without further hesitation? Fine … she is going to miss him. But how? He killed a lot of people, Tyler’s mother for heaven’s sake! What could possibly bring her to care for him? Hope. She manipulated, lied and killed. Like him. If he cannot be saved then she can’t either. So, one last dance … until the next one.

  1.    The one where – she begs him by heystrippah

“Not something you’d know anything about it. No one’s ever loved you”. Does he have a death wish? Damon Salvatore is in Klaus’ house. Tied up in chains. After their master plan of desiccating and burying Klaus failed. Of course it’s Caroline to the rescue! For sure she is going to strike a good deal with Bad Hybrid. “I am offering you companionship […] you can have me instead”.  See? “Sorry love, no deal”. Hey! Well that didn’t go quite as expected. What is she  going to do now? “If you kill them then I’ll kill myself”. I think Klaus might want to reconsider the deal.

  1.    Drabbles – Caroline saves Klaus by Angellus08

She is frozen on the spot and lets the rain cascade down her face. It’s convenient, really. At least she doesn’t have to explain the tears. It’s just water, she is not crying. She is watching and waiting for the moment to come. She cannot care that his eyes, full of sadness and betrayal are fixed only on her. She cannot care that he isn’t even turning around to fight Damon. Damon who  brandishes a white oak stake in his hands. She cannot. “I am sorry”. Of course she cares, come on, you guys! She won’t let them kill him. If they are going to kill him, they are going to take her with him. “Why did you save me? “Because I don’t want you to die”. Such a straightforward answer. Come on, girl! You can come up with something more biting!

  1.    The Deal by Moultipass1

“Shagged. F**ked. Had sex. […] Made love”. Oh, a kinky Klaroline fanfiction. I like it. “So you slept with her instead”. Wait a second … what… “You were disappointed. Even […] hurt?” Wait a sec… why is Hayley walking out of Klaus’s door looking so disheveled? And why is Klaus putting on a long-sleeved t-shirt? Do you see why I hate Canon now? So. Klaus has kinky sex with Hayley.But that’s Julie’s organic plot for you. Caroline arrives just in time to see who is leaving the Mikealson mason.  And she is not exactly happy about that. What will she say? “What do you want me to say?” Uh, well that was my question actually. “That you are hurt. Admit it, sweetheart […]. You liked knowing that the most powerful man on the planet would have done anything for you”. Ok, she is going to tread lightly now. She cannot let him know how she really feels, can she? “Because I do! I love it! Do you have any idea how it makes me feel? […]”. Right. Just as I said.

  1.    Selective Memory by Gwrageddnc

She wishes she could forget all the horrible things he has done. Bonnie is going to help with that. Actually … Bonnie is just casting a spell that should give her the thing that she most desires, which has some interesting side effects. Come on, we all know what she does most desires. She is getting ready for the prom. She has the feeling that she is forgetting something … but never mind. The biggest issue here is that she doesn’t have a date for her prom. What about … no, don’t go there. It means troubles. But after all what could he says beside no? “Please tell me you aren’t calling for a tiara”. So will he be her date or not? Ladies make your bet.

  1.    Be Still by RadientWings

She should have known something was off. From how Elena was eyeing her, she should have understood something was wrong. Too late. Pillow on her face, air fading, lungs burning and then nothing. Black. Or rather … red. Blood everywhere and all over her. “Oh my god, I killed him […] I didn’t mean to, I was just so thirsty […]”. Who could help her? Klaus? Please, let’s be serious here. Actually… the girl might be of some use to him. That figures. “I nearly attacked them. I am just so thirsty”. Tough luck, baby vampire. Klaus is not really the type to care about that. “This will help you; a vampire’s blood is much more potent than a human’s; especially mine. […] Caroline. Drink”. Right. I forgot. She is Caroline. And he is Klaus. They are just meant to be.


  1.    Nightly Ritual by linzackles

So, they meet in the woods. And they talk. Well. Kind of. Ok, they freely give into their feelings. But Caroline-Forever-In-Denial-Forbes goes as far as to make him promise to walk away and never come back (sob!) and Klaus actually agrees to that (sobx2!). So what now? They are going be separated and go on with their lives like they never even met? Come on! Nobody could possible come up with such a lame idea. Nobody. So, that’s the reason why Klaus starts to call.  “Don’t be like that, sweetheart […] I promised you would never have to look me in the eyes again”. Uh – Uh. Such a clever plan. “Would you have left if I’d asked you to stay?” Make up your mind already, girl! “New Orleans has nothing that could have drawn me back, sweetheart”. Ok, I just give up!


  1.    But I surrender Love by Banana 71588

“Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century you‘ll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer” and … she scoffs. After you overcome the initial shock and your face stops to look like Munch’s The Scream, you are allowed to ask the main question: why, Julie, why? Luckily the author of this story makes up for the bad writing by sending Klaus to stalk Caroline in the bathroom. Ok let’s see where this goes. “You do tend to treat me with disdain every chance you get. […]  But your body tells quite a different story”. She tries to scoff again but those damn sparks flare up every time he’s near her. It’s like wildfire; brutal and all consuming. “I feel it too […] Sometimes you don’t even breathe.” and he presses an open-mouthed kiss to her shoulder. Ok, she is attracted to him, shocker we know. “But that’s it, Caroline!” Poor girl, how delusional. For how long is she going to lie to herself? “It’s okay. […] you are safe”. In that small moment everything shifts. The wildfire will burn her though. She would be his and he would be hers. And she does not breathe.

  1.    Hope by MasterRoo

“My dear brother had a sordid little affair with Tyler’s lady werewolf friend. […] Apparently she is pregnant”. Wow, Rebekah! You are going to have give this kind of news with a bit more tact! Well, luckily enough Caroline does not care, does she? He offered her the world and she turned him down with a tsk. So it’s just fair that … oh scratch that! “How could you?” Right Caroline, tell him! “Well, love, I am a single man and I do have needs” Uh, wrong answer! “You can’t expect me to sit by and wait with bated breath for you” About that…you might be 0.1% right but why moon moon? 

10. What’s in a Name by TheCivilState

Ok, she betrayed him. But she didn’t really mean it. Well, kind of. And after all, the Salvatores’ master plan failed (as usual) at the end. So all’s well that ends well, right? And anyway Klaus is not the type who holds grudges, ok now we’re getting too optimistic. Cue angsty Klaus burning all the sketches of Caroline. “What are you doing here?”  That’s your clue, Caroline run! “I came to apologize” See? She can be nice also to him when she wants. “The people I loved were being threatened”. Wait, wait now. You had such a great start, Caroline. “You understand the difference between me and the mask I wear” We’re getting deep now aren’t we Klaus. “I don’t like your mask”. I think we are losing a bit the focus here. “Take your mask off”.  I don’t know what’s going on but since we’re taking things off Caroline … the mask shouldn’t be the only thing to go off.

11. Here without you by angelleus08

What did he say? Rome, Paris, Tokyo. He offered to take her there. He offered to show her the world and to experience new cultures and genuine beauty. But … there is always a but in Klaroline stories. “I am leaving”. Of course he leaves. He always does. “I have to be here, I can’t leave my mum and my friends”. That’s it? You let him leave just like that, Caroline? “Please stay […] stay with me”. Done, we are back on track! “Do you even want me Caroline?” Oh, of course she does. Come on, say it Caroline! “I-I …” Ok, that’s just the emotion of the moment; we can still make it work. “I see.” No … Klaus, wait … she just needs a moment ….wait! So, that’s the reason why she is traveling. Alone. And she is visiting all the places Klaus was talking about. It is truly wonderful. Rome, Paris, Tokyo. She wonders how she could live so long in the dull Mystic Fall. But suddenly a depressing thought paves its way into her mind; she lives her life for Klaus. She does all these things just to feel closer to him. And she realizes: he is truly gone. Well, that’s really depr… “Did you really think I left you?” Ahh! An happily ever after. Just my kind of thing.

12. I know you are in love with me- Drabbles by withfireandblood

“I know you are in love with me”. And he is. He bites her and at that moment it feels right because he has to teach Tyler a lesson. But then he is left alone with her. Left to watch her die. But she says those words and he knows they are true. And he cannot let her die. The morning after starts with a bit of surprise “You know I didn’t’ know about this? The plan to kill Kol or to trap you in here”.  I bet you didn’t! I won’t forgive anybody who killed Kol! “[…] they would have had an easier time luring me into a trap by using you as bait” Oh, it’s because you wouldn’t suspect anything if it was Caroline? “Because I would go anyway”

13. A perfect day by mytraitorousheart

“You are perfect”. Caroline is waltzing across the tables where the guests are sitting and sipping drinks. With military precision, she barks orders and takes lead. It seems that nothing can really go the way she wishes. Beside one thing. Him. He is perfect. She scoffs and rolls her eyes and searches for some witty remarks to throw at him but at the end she surrenders and she admits defeat: “You are perfect”. He never expected to hear those two words about him. He is an outsider, never good enough, a creature between two worlds. His father detested him, his mother cursed him, and his siblings didn’t want him. And yet, he is perfect in her eyes. And what’s perfect for him? Difficult to say when you live for over a thousand years. And yet, he cannot think of a day more perfect than the day he shares with her during the high school pageant. Her smile, her laugh, it enthralls him. She is perfect to him. And he is perfect to her.

14. Take a chance, Caroline by TheCivilState

“Are you here to kill me?” How to best start your Sunday morning with Big Bad Hybrid sitting on your bed? “I want to take you somewhere […] Get dressed”. Phss, dude! It is usually the other way around! You should want to take her out of her clothes. “I thought you hated me […]. After the whole thing with your family and Ric staking Kol”. Why Kol why? “So you bring me to the woods to kill me”. Ah! A nice walk in the forest, how they are going to spend time? “I forgot, okay? I forgot I was supposed to distract you […] You were asking me what I wanted in life and no one has ever done that before and I just forgot […]”. Uhm rambling, it seems.  “Nobody ever asks what I want […] because it’s always Elena. […] Is you pretending to be nice to me part of some Elena plan […] it’s always about her”. Ah, a pity party. Hurry up Klaus; find a way to stop her or it will get worst! Which way? Fanfiction has taught us that a kiss always work, so let’s try that. His lips are on hers and he cradles her head in his hands. “I dare you”. She can’t really back off. Can she?

15. Kin by Grim Grace

Her conscience is clear. He is Evil. They fight the evil. There is nothing more to say about that. But … she has this urge in the pit her stomach. So, she ends up in front of Klaus’s mansion, what would be the worst that could happen? That he slums the door in her face. Ouch! That hurts. She tries to push that in the back of her mind while she cheers up Elena because of her fall out with Bonnie. And there she has an epiphany. She loved her dad even if he tortured her for days and she would have bitten heads off if somebody hurt him. Klaus too. He loved his family. In his own dysfunctional way. She ends up once again in front of Klaus’s door. To be faced by Rebekah. “Get the hell out of here”. Well, we all know Bekah can sometimes be pretty much bitchy. And I bet also Kol has his saying in the matter “My brother has been moping around the house for days because of the part you played […] He is on no effort to humor me. Do you see my problem?” Yeah. That’s definitely a major problem. Caroline, you should find another way to make Klaus forgive you. Muffins? Well, that’s not exactly what I meant but who knows.

16. Hunger by Tara1189

It’s right after the Mikealson ball and Klaus pays a visit to Caroline because he wants to talk. Of course Caroline graciously tells him to go to hell. Therefore he threatens to kill the next person who walks past. Such gentlemanly manners. He really does know how to win a lady’s heart. And you wonder why she wants to shove the bracelet up his a.. aristocratic nose. “What do you want?” It’s the most important question in Klaroline fanfiction. “I want to give you the world” and that’s the most important answer. But how can she resist when his lips curve into a smile and his eyes are as blue as the summer sky? She has to. For Jemma, Stefan and Tyler. “I don’t want to be a part of any world that has you in it”. It would hurt less a punch in the face, I bet. “How long do you think it will be before you want something more?” Lucky enough he said however long it takes.

17. Lightness by dockfangirl

They fight about Damon. Damon? Yeah, Caroline tells Elena about the sire bond with Damon. And Elena tells her to leave. So, she walks aimlessly in her nightgown and bare feet under the moon light. That’s the perfect scenario for a … bloody murder. Klaus happens to walk in those surroundings. That figures. “What are you doing here all alone? […] Don’t you care about your safety, love?” Strong. Untouchable. Indestructible. It’s what Caroline sees when she looks at him. “Are you worried about me?” It seems she has still doubts about that? She shivers as his eyes blaze over her and he moves towards her agonizingly slow till he stands right in front of her. “Always”. Oh, I don’t know what you feel now, guys, but I need to cry a bit after this.

18. Not one for Farewells by ThreeJays

She is brooding. About what or who? Klaus, of course, who else? She hates him. He killed twelve hybrids and Tyler’s mum. So, she does hate him. But maybe and just maybe they, the Scooby – Doo band, could have played things differently in order to avoid this havoc. And then why the hell does he have to have dimples? With all these thoughts Caroline heads to bed … or she tries. She finds the Big Bad Hybrid on her bed. What he is doing there? “I am leaving”. And I let you guess what question comes next. Exactly. “Why are you here?” It’s not like he can leave without even saying goodbye, can he? Who would come up with such a masochistic plot? Nobody. That’s what I thought. So Klaus what’s your line for your umpteenth departure? “You make me want to live, Caroline”. Damn it. That’s pretty good.

19. In Eternity we trust by CBK1000

His body is still lying on the floor. His charcoal -lifeless- eyes are still open. “He was my brother, Caroline. My family”. The Gilberts’ house is empty, imbued with silence. Just a wrecked soul is trapped in it. Restless. Broken. Hurt. And consumed by a rage that could destroy everything. Will destroy everything. “I didn’t know they were going to kill him”. She takes a step forward. “I am sorry, ok? […] I have lost people too. I know how it feels”. Still doesn’t make it ok. “Please don’t hurt them”. She stands with her cheek pressed to his back. He knows. If he is going to hurt Elena and the others there is no coming back. He will lose her forever. Fortunately enough, the silence still imbues him. And a man can think in this kind of silence.

20. A world without Light is not worth Forever by Sad Olive

He is leaving town and she cannot let him leave without knowing. He has done horrible things. And she cannot forget. But she can forgive. “Do you know how it feels when an Original offers to show you the world?” He cannot just leave like that. She is not ready now. But who knows in a century or two. But he cannot take it anymore, she is here now and who knows when he will get to see her again. So his mouth is on her’s and she is kissing him back. Oh, so romantic. He is still thinking about that kiss seventeen years later in Beijing. He knows It’s just a matter of time and then … a call. Caroline is dying. Bloody hell.

21. Very Subtle by Midnight.Rose.Delena

“He is your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes”. And then he says “Congratulations, Caroline” and she smiles back and we all wonder if it is because she is thinking about Tyler coming back or because of the mind blowing declaration. Well, since we are Klaroliners, we will settle for the latter. And then they leave before 12 angry hyb… “Hey … Klaus… what if I don’t want to go home yet?” Wait a second. What? “I want to have fun tonight! […] I need to get drunk and dance the night away. […] this can be a goodbye party”. Mh, I am sure we are falling in some sort of dark grey canon here. Just saying it. So, between bottles of tequila and pounding … basses, come on you guys what are you just thinking, they end up …  pounding into each other’s. Fine, you were actually right.

22. Genuine Beauty by Realynn8

She is tied to a chair, pencils through her hands, vervain soaked cloth in her mouth. Oh, she is being tortured! … Again? Wasn’t she tortured, poisoned, shot, bitten something like hundredth-ish times? I swear, sometimes she makes me think about Kenny from South Park! This time it’s Alaric or to be more precise the possessed version of him. “[…] it’s okay, it’s me. It’s okay, you are safe”. Now, how many of us were wishing that this epic moment had a conclusion a bit more cathartic than “Thank you”? Come on, raise your hand. So many? I guessed so. Luckily enough the author of this story takes pity on us and gives a bit of insight of the turmoil that Caroline experiences after being held by Klaus. Because Caroline doesn’t care if she is supposed to hate him. Not tonight. Tomorrow she will do that eventually. Tonight she will just think how his hand felt on her neck and how she wanted to lean her head in the crook of his neck.

23. She Knew by Eternally.Klarolined

So. He stabs her, bites her and then let her fall on the floor. I see. And he fancied the girl. I wonder … what would have he done if he found her annoying? The story gives us a beautiful insight of the thoughts that could possibly go through Klaus and Caroline’s minds during the fatidic moments of “I know you are in love with me” and “You are hallucinating”. Mh, that didn’t come out so well. Caroline thinks she is dying but she first she has to say something “I am sorry for your loss” and then she presses her lips to his. Klaus is so taken aback by the kiss that he is confused about what to do: to save or not to save the girl, that is the question. Caroline’s body begins to convulse and grows limp in his arms. And then he finally remembers that he actually fancies the girl. He even loves her. She crept under his defenses and got a hold on his heart that he could not break even if he wanted to. He loves her. And she knows.

24. As long as it takes by Klaraholic

She cuts deep into her skin. She wants to stop but she must keep cutting. Or at least Silas told her so. “Rebekah, do something!” Right, Bekah! Listen to Matt! Do something! Like what? Hm … what about to punch her in her face? No, you are right … too lame. Just who would come up with such an idea? “Nik, it’s me. You need to get here as fast as you can. It’s Caroline […]” Easy-peasy, girl. “He is not coming, is he?” Seriously Matt, who do you think are you talking about? “No, he is”. I told you so.

25. I’ve Caught Myself Wishing – Drabbles  by venomandchampagne

“I have a special gift”. Stop! Don’t go there. “Of sensing when a girl is pregnant”. I think by now all the Klaroliners got allergic to that sentence. “Niklaus, the girl is carrying your child”, thanks a lot Elijah! We figured out that much.  “It’s impossible. Vampires cannot procreate”. He is right to be angry, which kind of sick game are they playing at? He will dagger Elijah before the sun rises again. Poor Elijah … his only fault is that he tries really hard to redeem his evil brother … or rather his evil family. “This pregnancy is … one of nature’s loopholes”. Please let’s be serious here! A plot-hole sounds better! Why should Big Bad Hybrid have a child? It is absolutely mad – “Caroline”ly beautiful. “Listen.” Elijah says gently, moving towards Caroline. And he hears it. Another heartbeat. A single tear escapes his eyes as he looks at the woman he loves. Caroline and his child. Oh, canon with a plot-twist. I like it!


25. 2 The One Where – She Pursues Him by heystrippah

Big Bad Hybrid cannot sleep. Oh, why so? Are the New Orleans’ streets too chaotic? It seems that he is feeling regret because he walked away from her. Well besides walking away, he actually also promised to never come back. Just saying it. It’s 3 am and she could be long gone by now. Wait a second! You mean that Caroline was in New Orleans searching for him and he just walked away? Klaus.How..Dare.You?  Ten years of wistful waiting and longing for her and he is supposed to give in after a simpl “you know why” without any kind of epic declaration? Of course you do that, fool! Get out of that bed and bring her back, now. He flies to the door and crashes into … Caroline. Oh, she didn’t leave after all. “You asked me earlier why I needed to see you and the answer is […] I need you in a way that’s completely foreign to me. […] Because you gave me the courage to go out and see the world – to really live”. The way he kisses her is breathtaking and all-consuming. “You have no idea in how many ways I am going to make you come”. Oh! No complains here.


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Happy Reading!      


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