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Top 25 Klaroline Fanfiction Endings



The best part of a fanfiction is always the ending. A bad ending can ruin even the best of fanfictions. As much as we the journey of a fanfic, its the eventual ending that we’re reaching towards. Thus came about the Top 25 Fanfiction Endings. And with the innumerable number of fanfictions with perfect endings, it was a tough job to choose only 25, but we managed too. Hopefully, we’ll have another list out soon, since there’s no way there are only 25 awesome fanfic endings!

Disclaimer: As this article counts down endings of fanfictions typically what will be discussed are the endings of the fics thus meaning that spoilers will be revealed.


1. The Cold Trail by angellus08

This fic has two endings. There’s the one where everything is just fine, Klaus finds Caroline, they are living together, and, even though Klaus still has nightmares about losing her, it’s still a happy ending -A very well deserved happy ending. However, the Alternative ending is the one I prefer, quite honestly. That one has things backwards, where Klaus has indeed lost Caroline, is stuck in a mental hospital, and dreams of managing to save her. This ending is tragic, to say the least. But, oh dear God, it’s so heart-wrenchingly beautiful. And that line at the end? “In her dreams, I can be her falcon” [Insert a sobbing fangirl here].


2. Rescue Me by klarolineepiclove

 From tragedy, to slutty weddings, the Klaroline fandom has it all. This particular ending is such an unforgettable one for the very simple reason that Klaus and Caroline, being their usual horny selves, did the deed moments before marching down the aisle. It goes from super sweet as he first enters her room to see her in her wedding dress looking so beautiful, to hot as they decide to throw tradition out of the window, to quite comical when Stefan walks in on them in their post-coital bliss, followed by Rebekah, who has a few mouthfuls towards the slightly embarrassed, but mostly amused, couple. So good. So unforgettable.


3. Five Times the Sinner by CBK1000

This one shot is so beautiful. And its ending gives it the perfect conclusion. It’s a role-reversal of sorts kind of story, and throughout its entirety, Caroline does not think of Klaus as anything but her minion. That is, of course, until a fateful accident almost kills him, and Caroline is in a hurry to help him for reasons she, herself, cannot fathom. What is so great about this ending is not only how beautifully it is written, but also the endless possibilities it opens. It is a monumental moment in their relationship. A moment that gives you a sneak-peak towards their relationship in the future, but leaves you wondering and craving for more at the same time.

 4. The Maiden in the Tower by Biana-Delacroix

This fic is absolutely heart-warming from start to finish. The fairytale setting makes it unique, and its ending gives such a perfect conclusion for the story. Because, really, who doesn’t want to see Klaus barging in and saving Caroline with a kiss? True, it wasn’t the kiss itself that saved her, but it was close enough! I will always be thankful for the existence of that scene in our Klaroline Fanfiction world.


5. The One Where He Commits to Her by heystrippah

Ah, remember that time Heystrippah wrote that romantic one-shot where Klaus vows to forever stay with Caroline and then they drive off into the sunset? Yeah me neither. But maybe you remember that time where the title of said one-shot completely fooled you and left you blindsided by the ending like I do. This one-shot’s ending hurts me every time I simply think about it. The one-shot has established Klaroline, where Klaus tells Caroline he’s leaving and she doesn’t want to leave with him. However, halfway through it, she starts packing and decides that she, indeed, wants to be with him. Too bad though, a hunter was lurking, and BAM! he kills Caroline. Now of course Klaus comes back, and of course he finds her dead body only to cry over it, along with us the poor readers, and to continuously vow to bring her back. This particular ending is so, so sad because of simply how realistic it is in the sense that Klaus would definitely commit his life to bringing back Caroline if he ever lost her. No one does denial like Klaus Mikaelson, and he would move heavens to see Caroline again. So thank you for the heartbreak.


6. The White Princess and the Red Knight by TalkingToTulips

I particularly liked this ending because it was a very much deserved happy ending. Throughout the whole story we are suffering through angst and heartbreak, that it seemed almost impossible for a happy ending at some point. But finally seeing Klaus reunited with Caroline and his daughter, made the journey very much worth it.


7. Gravity by AddriannaDestiny

This story had such a whirlwind as an ending. The chapter before the very last one ends with Klaus getting killed and Caroline crying over his body. I remember my initial reaction to that was feeling betrayed. Here I have stuck around for +40 chapters of this story only for it to end like this? I was very upset, and the beginning of the last chapter didn’t make it any easier. It kicks off with Caroline contemplating killing herself, and almost following through with it. Long story short, Klaus’s death turned out to be fake and simply a  plan to run away from his enemies. Suffice to say I was relieved then. Still, this has put me, and I’m sure many other fanfiction readers, through enough emotional trauma to be a memorable ending.


8. Prowl by withfireandblood

Ah, a classic. The ending of Prowl is rather simply a very happy and fluffy ending. The story closes off with both families finally coming to terms with each other over a mutual enemy, and, more importantly, with Klaus proposing to Caroline. It goes from giving hints to Klaus’s still overprotective tendencies, to the general situation between the two families to Klaus all flustered and nervous, trying to figure out the best way to propose. But the best part is the very, very last scene of this very much beloved fanfiction. Klaus shows Caroline his hiding place as a child in that last chapter, a safe haven that he used to hide away from the world in. When she asks him why he brought her to that place, his reply is “Because I don’t want to come here alone anymore. I want to be with you”. So beautiful.


9. Champagne Showers by queenofklaroline

The Klaroline fandom is such a creative fandom, that’s why we have a very wide range of genres in our fanfiction. And, of course, crack is one of them. This one shot is hilarious from start to finish. Painting Mikael as the guy who loves his son a little too much and decides to take over the planning of Klaroline’s wedding? Seriously, who wouldn’t be on board with that. The ending is absolutely priceless. It closes off with Mikael determinedly ordering a crib for their future child. Because of course he would pack a guide on the quickest ways to conceive along with Caroline’s things for their honeymoon.


10. A Promise Forgiven but never Forgotten by maevlin

From crack to tragedy. This entire one shot is the epitome of tragic, and its ending is no different. Imagine the darkest ending that could ever happen to our beloved couple and this would be even worse. Caroline is dead and Klaus promises to bring her back. But there is no way and into madness he is swallowed. The story closes off with uncertainty. Listing the possibilities of whether he found a way to bring her back, or found one to go to her, or that he simply never existed. All in all, no one ever heard of Klaus Mikaelson again. No One. He and Caroline only became a part of a dream. Thank you for this beautiful tragedy.


11. Game to War by Borzoi

This story has such a sweet ending. The last chapter itself is very long and packed with events, but the very last a few scenes, right after Klaroline reunite, are the truly breathtaking part. They go from very hot, but still very intimate, love-making, to playfully professing their feelings to each other, to closing off with Caroline’s unintentional confession of her love towards him. That very last scene is by far one of the sweetest and most heartwarming scenes I have ever read in Klaroline fanfiction. The way her admission brightens Klaus’s entire world, and how he tries to contain himself from letting her know that he heard her and he wants to hear it again and again and again for her sake, wanting her to be ready when she finally confesses them to his face, make it such a perfect scene.


12. I will Dream of You by clangwee

Oh, Gosh, what do I say about this beautiful one shot with the most beautifully bittersweet ending? No matter how much I try to describe how emotionally flawless that ending was, I won’t succeed, so just go and read it. Read the whole thing. You won’t regret it. Not one bit. I promise.


13. The Only Hope For Me is You by livingdeadblondegirl

 Ah this perfect fic. I feel like we are going to miss this story very much. It went on for so long and the ending did not disappoint. Whether it is the very last chapter with their wedding, or any of the later epilogues, they were all such perfect closures to this story. And a great way of saying goodbye to it.

14. Love Interruption by Idiot-wind89

 I picked this one because the last two chapters of the fanfic surprised me so very much. It took a complete 180 from where I was expecting it to end and while the two still ended up heading to their destination, the very emotional journey they experienced beforehand was incredibly intense.
Fighting, Kidnapping, Death and all the other things you could possibly imagine happened towards the end of this fanfiction that had me loving it.

15. Everything, Everything by Anya-Paradox

The ending to this fanfiction takes us back to where it all began and it’s truly wonderful. Klaus and Caroline had the life they always dreamed of stripped away from them and somehow, Klaus manages to find a beautiful way of keeping a small token of that life they lost.

16. Splendor In The Grass by gwrageddnc

Caroline gets the sweet revenge she wanted, deserved and needed at the end of this fanfiction by delivering the most horrible and possible way of never-ending torture she could think off, yet that still could never rival the journey she endured. But it gave her satisfaction.


17. Broken Mirrors {oneshot} by safewithklaroline

The ending is so very tragic, yet entirely beautiful. I’ve never cried so much at something if I’m being completely honest. Almost the whole way through reading this oneshot I thought to myself why is Klaus acting this way and when you reach the end, you realize the reason and it is so heart-breaking but understandable at the same time.


18. A Game of Conscience by Wreckless Righter

Fighting, tears, sexual tension and in the end happiness. This fanfiction had its many ups and downs regarding Klaus and Caroline relationship and while the ending chapters might have been rough, the very end of this fanfiction gives us what we were all waiting for. Klaus and Caroline together and happy, not caring about what the rest of the town thinks.


19. Klaroline Sleeping Issues {drabble} by Angellus08

The drabbles title speaks for itself, but while most of you think it’s going to be a maybe fluffy and possibly happy drabble, it is in fact the very opposite. It brings out the insecurities of both Caroline and Klaus through the simple fact that Klaus will not allow Caroline to stay in his bedroom after they had sex or made love.


20 . Small Bump {oneshot} by Tears of Ebon-Grey

This oneshot is not a pleasant one, but what I loved most about it is that the writer captured Caroline’s feelings incredibly well and while Klaus does not actually appear in this oneshot, the ending to it does included the mention of another Mikaelson and it was simply beautiful to both the audience and to Caroline what he had to say. This had me in tears.


21. Brown Paper Package by BrassBuckleBoots

It starts where Caroline sends a letter along with a gift to Klaus for someone incredibly special to him, it ends with Caroline coming to visit the two of them and it’s just a very sweet two-shot capturing a wonderful moment.


22. Sinners Like Us by ravenclawslibrary

I picked this particular ending mainly because of how it shows Klaus’ progression of his ruling of New Orleans while Caroline was away exploring the world on her own. However, the reunion the two share in the final part of this fanfiction is wonderful, Caroline shows up unexpected just as I and most likely many of you shippers imagined – and at a party no less. Caroline go to witness Klaus’ succession before they reunited and they share a dance as soon as they meet again. All in all, the story was rounded off incredibly well and there were no loose ties.


23. Wicked Schemes by Willowaus

To put it simply, it was beautiful. We finally get to witness the 3 words from Klaus’ mouth we wanted to hear throughout the fanfic all along and we finally get to hear them.


24. Burns Holes In Your Skin by elisabethjj

Who would’ve thought Silas could be the thing to bring these two together? Well, that’s exactly what happens. After Klaus helps Caroline with a very uncomfortable and horrible problem she experienced, he confessed his feelings for her and she was willing to wait for him however long it took.


25. Just Friends Part 1 & 2 {drabbles} by venomandchampagne

Klaus teases Caroline, they dabble in the territory of becoming more than friends but Caroline refuses to admit it. Maybe Klaus can convince her otherwise.


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