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Top 25 Klaroline First Kisses



This may be one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as every Klaroline kiss is pretty much perfect. Having to narrow down a decision to a top 25 was hard enough and actually ranking them was near impossible. I’m sure I didn’t really do any of these kisses justice, but you’ll just have to read them and find out. I hope you enjoy these kisses as much as I did!

1. One Night by linzackles

Caroline is trying to set Bonnie up with Kol since she just broke up with Jeremy and the only way Bonnie will do it is if Caroline agrees to spend time with Klaus. Although the fic is not that long, the build up drove me crazy! Once Klaroline are alone, their conversation is filled with awkward silence and eventually the admission that they missed each other (as they haven’t spoken in two months). This is when Caroline seizes the opportunity, giving Klaus the sweetest, most intimate series of kisses ever before Klaus takes over and it starts to escalate, Caroline interrupts the kiss, but can’t really help herself with Klaus so close and they start up again only to be interrupted by a text from Bonnie, and then they are getting snacks – AH! Honestly it’s all so crazy, I loved this so much.

2. Fingerpainting by Angelikah

Caroline just finds out that Tyler cheated on her with Vicki and it ruins her homecoming. Klaus, being the best friend that he is, takes her home and tries to help. They start drinking and a drunk Caroline starts mentioning how much more they could be and practically attacks him with a kiss. Klaus is hesitant at first but the feelings are mutual and he reciprocates, turning a sloppy kiss into a very steamy one before stopping in fear that Caroline would not really want anything to happen. Even though the kiss itself leaves us all wanting more, and Caroline pretends to have forgotten it completely, the fact that it has them both masturbating to thoughts of it later makes it one of the best.

3. First Kiss by venomandchampagne

Caroline shows up Klaus’ door in the middle of a rainy night and confesses all her feelings. He is in total shock at her arrival though and hears none of what she says so she thinks he wasn’t listening and doesn’t care. After not letting her leave, she blurts out her feelings again and they share the most perfect kiss in the rain.

4. You Were Meant For Me by silenceofthequeen

It’s New Year’s Eve and Caroline gets stuck in an elevator with Klaus. He is being his usual hot, somewhat grouchy self, but immediately likes her and she him. They talk about their pasts and get quite close before the elevator begins to work again. They go their separate ways, but Klaus finds her at midnight, in Times Square, just in time to give her a mind blowing kiss for New Years.

5. First Kiss Drabbles by jomosfamilyjewels

Klaus has been trying desperately to get Caroline’s attention but to no avail. Finally, he decides to simply ignore her and it works. Caroline shows up in the middle of the night, yells at him and when he tries to give up and walk away, she attacks him with a paralyzing kiss. Then she leaves and he’s right back where he started.

6. It Started Out With A Kiss by a-little-blonde-distraction

With the intention of sticking it to Tyler, Caroline says she will kiss the first guy to walk in. It just so happens that that guy is an already anxious Klaus, looking for the beautiful girl he met briefly in the hall at school, Caroline. The kiss is absolutely perfect, leaving both Klaus and Tyler frozen in place.

7. Little Bits of Fun by MarsterRoo

It’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square and when Klaus sights Caroline in the crowd he can’t help but follow her. As the clock strikes 12:00 and the ball drops, Caroline makes Klaus her first kiss of the year with a world-stopping kiss. They are both a little caught off guard by the whole thing and it’s amazing.

8. take it but don’t break it by she.daydreams.in.colour

Klaus and his entire family are werewolves and Caroline is Klaus’ mate. At first sight Klaus loves her and before they can even swap names he grabs her face and kisses her. The impulsivity of it all makes the kiss great because it’s different from anything you might expect from Klaus, and Caroline’s reaction makes it perfect.

9. First Kiss by bluebirdheart

Klaus and Caroline just started dating, but Klaus refuses to kiss her. An argument starts, as Caroline demands to know why he won’t and it’s classic married Klaroline. It gets good when we find out that Caroline never kissed Tyler or Matt and kissing Klaus would be her first. This makes the kiss they share even more special as Klaus wants it to be everything she expected it to be and pours out his feelings for her.

10. Tangled Up in Blue by idiot-wind8

Everything about this kiss is full of suspense, it’s great. Caroline and Klaus have a history and, after being brought together again, have to dance around feelings and try to avoid compromising situations. After Klaus fights Tyler in defense of Caroline, they argue, but ultimately can’t control themselves around each other. The kiss is slow at first, then gets hot, fast. Although it doesn’t last long, or lead to any long-awaited smut, the kiss is just perfect after the long wait and a great foreshadow for more.

11. The Travelers by Angelikah

Klaus is totally infatuated with Caroline but he’s also a huge asshole so she doesn’t want anything to do with him. After getting advice from Katherine to give him a chance, and Katherine totally plotting to get them together, Caroline decides to let her guard down a bit and let him try. She gives him the sweetest,  you-have-this-one-shot kiss before leaving him alone to think.

12. I Dare You by linzackles

The Mystic Falls gang and the Originals, all trapped in the Mikaelson mansion, turn to a game of truth or dare. Klaus and Caroline, not in the mood for the game, go off and watch a movie together, but ultimately get drawn in when Elena is dared to kiss Klaus but Caroline takes over instead. The kiss is fun and spontaneous and the Klaroline bonding that occurs afterwards is especially great  because it leads to more kissing!

13. A Klaroline New Years by musicalfreak

Klaroline vs Forwood. New Years. Kisses. This kiss is great, not only because it’s Caroline making the correct choice between Tyler and Klaus, but because there are two, both amazing, kisses to deliberate on here. We could talk about the one Klaus gives Caroline when she falls asleep, after drunkenly asking for it. OR, we could talk about the kiss they share as she officially makes her choice and the sprinklers go off. Both are absolutely beautiful.

14. A Series of Firsts by LoveIsATemple

This may be the CUTEST, FLUFFIEST thing I have ever read! Klaus and Caroline are in high school, so there is the added element of teen hormones and innocence. They are on their first date and Klaus is unbelievably nervous. He seems lost at first but finally gets the courage to kiss her and it is the sweetest thing in the world as it leaves him completely speechless.

15. Red Passion by Miss.Full.of.Light

Klaus finds Caroline drinking alone on her birthday. They get to talking and she realizes that her friends are all caught up in themselves and neglecting her, but Klaus would never do that. This kiss is great, not only because it’s followed by amazing sex, but because Caroline is finally facing her feelings for Klaus.

16. Kiss-Cams and Strangers by SpeakNow1118

Caroline and Tyler are on the kiss cam, but Tyler won’t kiss her, so Klaus does. The kiss is super intense and obviously amazing because Caroline leaves with Klaus (which plays quite well to my anti-Tyler sentiments). The nervous Klaus we get to see following the kiss and the spontaneity of it all make this kiss just so awesome.

17. A Lover’s Restless Sleep by queenofklaroline

It’s sleeping beauty!! Caroline is the cursed princess with Klaus as her guard and childhood friend. Countless knights and princes try to wake her (Tyler and Stefan among them), but none are able until the day Klaus tries. I absolutely love this kiss. It shows Klaus’ complete and total devotion to Caroline and that no other man could ever love her the way he does.

18. Political Persuasion by Sophia Chase

After Tyler breaks up with her on Valentine’s Day, Caroline finds herself alone and stuck in an elevator with Klaus, who is a very forward and a total dick. They get to talking and Klaus tells her Tyler was crazy to leave her, but that he’ll gladly help her forget. Caroline blows him off at first but then changes her mind. They share a short kiss that leaves them both wanting more before Klaus breaks it off, not wanting to take advantage.

19. To be Loved by You by ALostHeart

I love this kiss because Caroline and Klaus are already in love when they share it. They had been friends forever, hiding their true feelings, and trying hard to keep their relationship platonic. Although it takes Klaus getting in a car accident and Caroline being afraid for his life to bring said feelings out, the kiss is genuine and so, so sweet.

20. Inked & Marked by MissMariaWrites

Caroline is living with Klaus, but their relationship has been only platonic. One night, they are at a club and Rebekah lets Caroline know Klaus totally likes her, giving her the confidence to finally make a move. After a very steamy dance, they decide to ditch the club for a very steamy kiss and it’s actually amazing! It’s super intense and fast, to the point where Klaus is super aroused and has to go take a cold shower.

21. The trouble with spells by ilovetf

Klaus is super sick and having seizures in bed while Caroline tries to help him. They share a very nice moment as she is trying to assure him that he will not die and just make sure that he has everything he needs. When Klaus has another crazy episode, and is freaking out again, he kisses Caroline. Panicking, and sure that this is Klaus dying, Caroline kisses him back.

22. The Maiden In The Tower by Biana Delacroix

A spin on Snow White! This is by far the most well-deserved kiss on the list. Caroline is the latest victim of an evil witch and Klaus is the only one who can wake Caroline so, alone, he goes on a quest through a magical forest to retrieve the only thing that can break her curse. Despite having done everything right, Klaus’ quest fails. But when he thinks all hope is lost, he gives Caroline a kiss goodbye, and the curse is broken. I love this so much, even if only for the fact that it shows Klaus’ undying devotion to Caroline.

23. Baby Is This Love for Real? by Evil Sprinkle

Another high school KC where they are just letting their feeling for each other be known after having a bit of a rocky relationship in the past. They apologize for any passed insults and start to talk like friends. Caroline brings up a time when the two shared a moment before but were interrupted and Klaus seizes the moment with a very sweet kiss.

24. A Spirit of Courage by CelebrienTinuviel

Klaus and Caroline are to be married and, although they have spoken and Klaus made attempts to win her over, they don’t know each other very well. The kiss at their wedding is the first kiss they share which makes it that much better. It is short and sweet until Caroline deepens it, making it a perfect first kiss.

25. Kiss by AidansQueen

Caroline, trying to get back at Elena for dating Damon and Stefan for hooking up with Rebekah, decides it’s okay for her to kiss Klaus. Caroline is nervous and has no idea how to go about it. Klaus finds her alone at The Grill and when Elena and Damon walk in together, they dance and Klaus calls Caroline out for using him. She insists she isn’t but he says he will at least get something out of it too and pulls her into a kiss that she even returns a little. There is a bit of a twist that makes it all a little confusing, but the kiss does what is intended and is kind of funny.