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Top 25 Klaroline + Kids Fics



For those of you who just can’t resist the thought of our favourite pairing taking care of a child/children together, we present to you 25 fanfics that provide, in one way or another, just that.

1. Tangled Up In Blue by idiot-wind89

Continuation to Heart-Shaped Glasses. When Elena and Elijah are involved in a tragic accident, it’s up to Klaus and Caroline to look after the couple’s child together. Can they put aside their differences and raise him together?

2. The Only Hope for Me is You by livingdeadblondegirl

Klaus is a single father, but also a businessman. He needs a new nanny to take care of his children after their current one retires. Caroline is offered the job and gets more than she bargained for.

3. Remember That Summer 10 Years Ago? By klovec

They shared a summer of love, which resulted in their lovely daughter Bronwyn. Caroline has raised her alone, without Klaus having any knowledge of his daughter. What happened when he finds out?

4. Forever Changed by willowaus

Parent Trap AU. Twins Lizzie and Charlotte meet at camp and try getting their parents back together while pretending to know nothing about each other. Filled with flashbacks, angst, and of course cute little Klarokids.

5. State of Grace by bright645

A one night stand, or so they thought. Klaus wanted more and well, he certainly got it when he finds out Caroline has a son. Is Klaus willing to take on the little ball of energy that comes with the mother?

6. Home by angelikah

One-shot series. Sequel to The Safehouse. Following Klaus and Caroline raising little Hope together.

7. Let Me Love You by runninginthepouringrain

Klaus returns home from prison to find Caroline living with his brother Elijah, along with his son –Liam – who he didn’t know existed. Will he be able to turn his life around for them, or will his old one pull him back in?

8. Never the Bride by Sophia chase

Wedding planner Caroline returns to Mystic Falls to plan her ex’s sister’s wedding. Unfortunately her ex, Klaus, is of course there too. Is there still any hope left for them, or will the secrets they have tear them apart again?

9. Get What You Need by bright645

One-shot series involving Caroline as a single mother and Klaus as her and her daughter’s new neighbour. Klaus claims to hate them, but little does he know he feels the exact opposite of that emotion.

10. Come Back, Daddy by seaofwords22

One-shot series. Klaus has to work away from his two beautiful girls and communicating by a computer screen is the best he’s going to get of his two angels for now. Watch the fluff unfold between a caring father and his family.

11. Always Been A Daughter by quills and inkwells

When the Originals mysteriously disappear, Caroline gets left with Klaus’ newborn daughter. Five years down the line, the Originals appear again and Caroline’s demanding answers. Plus she’s not backing down from parenting the little one just because the Mikaelson siblings say so.

12. Ever Ever After by lonerism

Enchanted AU. Caroline finds Princess Edlyn on the street and takes her in. Her King Niklaus comes to rescue her and Caroline is forced to reevaluate her views on fairytales.

13. Fallen by klarolineepiclove

Caroline’s on the run from a complicated past and settles in New Orleans, where she meets Klaus and his son Declan. Something about the intriguing man makes her want to stop running. But can she?

14. Everything, Everything by anya-paradox

Klaus and Caroline wake up human in another reality because of a spell. Turns out in this reality they’re also married. Faking a marriage shouldn’t have any unforseen consequences, right?

15. Take Care by chaoticroyalty

Not-so-little Henrik is sick and Caroline just happens to be his nurse. With Klaus as Henrik’s caregiver and just as keen to aid his brother in his time of need, the two of them inevitably interact on a daily basis.

16. When I Grow Up by ledgersirichcharm

Victim of magic, Klaus turns into a child. Who else but Caroline can take care of him?

17. Caroline the Cutie by vampirekaira

Similar to the When I Grow Up, only Caroline’s the little child this time around. Klaus is the one responsible for taking care of her and you know that’s something you need to see.

18. The Governess’s Secret by klaroline-heaven

A baby girl is left on Klaus, Duke of Claymoure’s doorstep, with a note saying she is his daughter. After accepting the girl, he eventually decides he needs to find a governess to help raise her. Caroline seems like the perfect fit, but what is she hiding?

19. I Don’t Date Men With Accents by peaceful village

Caroline lives in Chicago with her amazing daughter. However, when returning to England for a wedding, Caroline collides with the very reason why she decided not to date men with accents.

20. Love me twice by addriannadestiny

Caroline and Klaus have broken up, yet their daughter isn’t one to back down. This little schemer starts early, and her mission is to get these two love birds back into each other’s arms. How hard can that be, right?

21. Torn Apart by beautifulaccola

After a terrible accident, both Klaus and Caroline believe the other is dead. However, they are not and neither is their son William.

22. Ray of Sun by easytoimaging

After a fatal accident, Caroline ends up caring for her cousin’s baby. Klaus, still reeling from Kol’s death, somehow hops along for the ride of parenting too.

23. The Light to the Darkness by jennymikaelson

When Caroline is put into a coma, Klaus gets the surprise of his life. He must take care of the child he didn’t know he had upon until now.

24. This child of mine by Sandrine c

Caroline is left to take care of Klaus’ son while he takes care of some business of his own. He does everything he can to return to the little boy, and who he’s yet to know of, a little girl too.

25. Baby and the Beast by hybridspuppy

A baby is left right on Klaus’s doorstep and he has no idea what to do about it. In need of some assistance, he turns to Caroline for a helping hand.

So there is your 25 fanfics involving Klaroline + kids. If you have any favorites of your own, feel free to drop them below in the comments!