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Top 25 Most Popular Klaroline Videos and Why They're So Popular



Hello fellow Klaroliners!

Today I’ll be bringing you some of the most beautiful, special, and incredibly well-made videos that pertain to our wonderful OTP. These are the most viewed fanmade Klaroline videos on YouTube. I will be discussing what I believe makes these videos so very popular. You might need a box of tissues and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to get yourself through all of these masterpieces.

Before I begin, I just want to say that there are so many unbelievably talented video makers out there who clearly work so hard and diligently to put together these videos that capture the essence of a perfect pair.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a slightly emotional journey through these Top 25 amazing videos.


1. Klaus and Caroline | Their story season by season by SoulfulLT (140,042 views)

I think I speak for all KCers when I say that we all love to go back and see our ship’s progression through each season. This video shows specific, poignant moments that exploded the fandom and proved that Klaroline would be around for quite a long time.



2. Klaroline II so cold [I know that you’re in love with me] by Wisquettekara (131,826 views)

This video is particularly special because it highlights the moments where Klaus would do anything for Caroline. Between saying “it was all for you” and making her smile during 4×07, Klaus puts her above all. Making the mistake of driving the lamp through her stomach and biting her in 4×13, he realizes that he was at fault of hurting the woman he loved most for getting revenge against Tyler. After the realization that his love for Caroline was greater than his hatred for Tyler, or anyone for that matter, he saved her life and realized for himself that losing Caroline would be the worst possible thing that could happen to him.


3. Klaus + Caroline [+5×11] – “Hello Caroline” [part of the KISS] by iForeverYooung (113,330 views)

I love this video especially because it’s short but sweet in the way that it highlights all the important moments in Klaus & Caroline’s relationship. It shows her slowly accepting her feelings and knowing that maybe what he said was right, “Small town boy, small town life, it won’t be enough for you.” It shows lots of snippets of the best Klaroline scenes that lead up to her fully accepting that she feels something for him and giving into her desires in 5×11.


4. Klaus & Caroline || Don’t Mess With Klaroline [AU] by SeraphCherub (110,873 views)

There’s an obvious reason why this video is so popular and that’s because it’s brilliant. It clearly shows how if anyone ever messed with Caroline, Klaus would be holding their ripped out heart in his hand in .2 seconds. However, this AU video shows Klaus saving Caroline even before he got to know her. That concept is one of the most fun to watch. This is an incredibly well made AU video, and it’s one of my personal favorites!


5. Klaus & Caroline | Hot Hybrid Vampire Sex {HUMOR} by Klaroline LoveStory (94,138 views)

This video is simply hilarious, with tons of great captions from the funniest Klaroline scenes, such as Caroline visiting Klaus in 4×19 and the Miss Mystic Falls paper stealing in 4×07. With all the drama that surrounds KC, everyone needs a little bit of humor from them.


6. The Original’s Weakness | Klaroline Movie Trailer by Jess K (76,604 views)

Made by the insanely talented and amazing Jess K, this video happens to be another one of my personal favorites. This video is in the style of a movie trailer, which is titled “The Original’s Weakness.” Just by that, you can probably already guess what the plot of it might be. Caroline is the one thing that hits home for Klaus. She is his everything. She’s his weakness, (hence the title). In this trailer, Klaus’s enemies take Caroline and plan to torture and kill her. Klaus has to do everything in his power to save her. It’s the classic AU that everyone is fond of, which is what makes this video so popular.


7. Klaus & Caroline – long for your kiss – Joseph & Candice by NatalieS29 (61,506 views)

Now this video is quite different from the others, with it being that it involves interviews, as well as Klaroline clips, of both Joseph and Candice stating their interest in Klaroline and how they would both definitely want it to progress further. (I wish Joseph still held that same perspective and was still excited about KC. *heavy sigh*)


8. Klaroline ~ Caroline in New Orleans ~ by pinkyswear-and-curlyhair (60,410 views)

This awesome video is slightly AU, where Caroline and Rebekah are best friends and Rebekah ends up listening to the message Klaus left her when he thought about her in New Orleans. Rebekah realizes how much he loves Caroline and quickly deletes the message before she can listen to it. Rebekah plans a girls’ weekend in New Orleans, Caroline not knowing Klaus is there. It’s a fun, lighthearted video that makes the heart flutter with feels.



9. The Vampire Diaries – Klaroline (Klaus & Caroline) – Legendado by Marissol Gomes (58,160 views)

Within this video there is a large show of Klaus’s progression from saying “We do not feel and we do not care” to “He’s your first love, I intend to be your last, however long it takes.” Over a thousand years, Klaus has never loved anyone. He resented love his entire life. Then this baby blonde vampire comes along somewhere in there and just captures his heart completely. I love how this video demonstrates the factor of Klaus accepting that it’s okay to love someone and it’s okay to feel. This video also shows Caroline’s side of the story, with her struggling to come to terms with her feelings for Klaus. She constantly tries to push away any feelings for him that bubble to the surface. She doesn’t want to admit that even people who do bad things can be saved, and that everyone has done bad things, so there isn’t much that makes everyone else different from Klaus. This video clearly demonstrates the acceptance of feelings between Klaus and Caroline and how much they are meant to be.


10. i intend to be your last | klaus & caroline [4×23] by xostelenaforeverox (47,445 views)

This video is a beautifully edited compilation of scenes and lines from the evermore wonderful 4×23 of The Vampire Diaries. By the title, you can probably tell what the main premises of the video is. Klaus fully intends to be Caroline’s last love. Once she chooses Klaus and finally goes to him, that’s it. He will be her one and only for the rest of eternity. I love that this video really shows how far they’ve come and how much they will need each other in the future.


11. Klaroline – “Stay” by Carissa Ng (36,271 views)

This video is one of my personal favorites because “Stay” is one of my top favorite Klaroline songs. If they ever used it for a scene of theirs, I would scream so loud (although they already used it on the show, but, it’s Klaroline).



12. Klaroline//”Let me see beneath your beautiful” by LOVxxE (33,555 views)

Caroline has always been second best for everyone. Matt, Tyler, even Stefan. She was a kiddie pool, she was never the one. That was all until Klaus came along. He was the only person that could really see her for everything she was and be fully enamored by her. He loved the challenge, the chase and the fact that she’s so incredibly strong, beautiful, and full of light. Klaus is the only person that has ever put her first. Klaus has always been penned as the monster, the big bad hybrid who was the most evil creature to ever step foot on solid ground. Caroline was the first person to get through to him. She barely knew Klaus and she already knew so much about him. In 3×14, Caroline confronted Klaus, not even afraid of him and said “I get it. Your father didn’t love you so assume that no one else will either.” She told him that he didn’t connect with people because he didn’t take the time to try and understand them. That’s why he was always so cold. For some reason, Caroline always knew in her heart that somewhere beneath his cold, lifeless exterior, he actually did have a heart. It just wasn’t easy for him to use it. She saw Klaus for Klaus when nobody else even bothered to. This is what makes this video, and Klaroline in general, so special.


13. The Vampire Diaries ~ Klaus & Caroline ~ Building a Mystery ~ Klaroline by midniteillusion3 (33,190 views)

In this video, Klaus and Caroline are each reflecting back on their old lives and are seeing how different they presently are. They eventually come together and begin building a relationship with each other. They save one another from misery, pain and any other kind of terrible feeling. They need each other more than life itself and this video very much shows this.


14. The Originals | Trailer [Klaroline Style] by Steroccola (33,005 views)

Here we have a video of a trailer for The Originals where Caroline has no clue of where Klaus is and she misses him and tries contacting him with no luck. She then visits Rebekah and Elijah who tell her that Klaus is in New Orleans. Caroline decides that she will go down to New Orleans to see what is going on and to find him. Very interesting and is very much something I wish was real.


15. The Original’s Weakness | Klaroline (part1) by Klaroline Love (30,974 views)

Although this is another video entitled “The Original’s Weakness”, it is quite a bit darker than the other video. This video starts off with Klaus proving his power to Marcel and saying he will be king of New Orleans again. It then shows Caroline listening to Klaus’s message from NOLA and her eventually ending up there. She finds out about Hayley carrying his child, and runs into Marcel. It is implied that Marcel has taken Caroline in an attempt to destroy Klaus. It’s a highly grasping and interesting video, and there just so happens to be a part 2!


16. ♥ Klaroline ♥ Last First Kiss ♥ by Lucie Saudemont (30,832 views)

This video is another lighthearted video that shows the progression of Klaus & Caroline’s relationship. It’s extremely cute, with the beautiful editing and One Direction’s song “Last First Kiss” leading the video.


17. Klaus and Caroline ‘Klaroline’ – I’d Come For You – Nickelback by rockerpetra (28,018 views)

You’re probably saying to yourself, “How in the world are Klaroline and Nickelback a good combination?” Well I can tell you right right now that it makes just the most brilliant combination. This song is all about saying to someone that no matter what happens between us, I’ll always come for you and be there for you, no matter what. That’s exactly what Klaus shows to Caroline and even vice versa sometimes. With clips of all the glorious scenes of our beautiful OTP and a great song relating to them to go along with the clips, it makes for a video that’s worthwhile for a watch.



18. Klaroline| Kennett | Stebekah – I LIKE IT /w TheWurzelx3 & KatLoveStory by xXWhisperOfDreamsXx (27,658 views)

If you’re a shipper of Kennett and Stebekah as well as Klaroline, this video is going to be one you’ll want to watch over and over again. I personally do ship all three, and this video thoroughly shows all the amazing reasons why we ship them in the first place. This video is beautifully edited and displays a lot of the best scenes of all three pairings.


19. Klaroline | Give me Love by faithaholic92 (25,052 views)

I must honestly say, this video gave me the chills. This one specifically plays the Klaroline anthem, “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran, hence the title of the video, and it shows many clips from the first two episodes that started it all for Klaroline. It’s really incredible how far this fandom has come and kind of how far Klaroline has come, although they have a long way to go. From the beginning, we knew that Klaus would be enamored by this baby blonde vamp for the rest of eternity. Something about her just drew him to her, and you can even say it was love at first sight. For a thousand years, he couldn’t love anyone. Then Caroline came along, and it changed everything. I’m so honored to be a part of this fandom, and this video makes you feel the same.


20. Klaus & Caroline | Klaroline by nighthatspark (24,580 views)

This video is absolutely stunning. It starts off with the scene of Klaus asking Damon about Elena and “what is it you say to her?” Then it goes into all the scenes that show exactly how much Klaus loves Caroline and needs her, and regardless of the fact that he may have major flaws, he hopes that one day, Caroline will love him just as much, even with the flaws. It shows how Caroline is his light, the one that reigns him in when he might want to lose it. These two compliment each other so well in every which way and I’m so happy this video represents that fact.


21. Klaus & Caroline – Original Love (Klaroline trailer) by ShelbyJonaslover4eva (24,454 views)

Here we have another great trailer for a Klaroline movie entitled Original Love. Klaus meets Caroline and instantly falls in love with her, and she admits to him that she no longer wants to be a vampire. He goes ahead and finds the cure for her, and nonetheless, gives it to her. His love is her second chance. Rightly so, they end up spending the night together and she becomes pregnant with his child. This video was put together absolutely beautifully. And I know for a fact that this is one film all of us Klaroliners would die to see.


22. the vow | klaroline style by mareecanto (23,965 views)

I am fairly certain that the majority of females ages 13-50 are familiar with the entirely heartbreaking movie called The Vow. If you’re not quite familiar with it, the movie is based on a true story about a newly married couple who are madly in love and one day, they get into this freak car accident, where the wife ends up getting severe head trauma, obviously causing permanent memory loss. The husband wants to do everything in his power to help her and make her fall in love with him again. If Klaus and Caroline were in that position, it would be a highly interesting tale. After all, we love our fair share of angst.


23. Klaroline & Delena – Titanic Story (AU) by Thais (23,122 views)

Now I know for a fact that everybody is familiar with the story of Titanic. This video involves Delena as well as Klaroline, and it’s exactly like how the story goes, but with a little twist. Klaus and Damon are each lower class men who fall in love with women, Tatia and Katherine, of the upper class on the Titanic. Both Tatia and Katherine die after the boat hits the iceberg. Fast forward to the future and there they meet Caroline and Elena, who look eerily similar to their previous loves. They have to eventually accept that these women are not the same as the women they used to love. Incredible AU idea, and a worthwhile watch.


24. Klaroline- Just a Dream by Mariah Pawlak (22,775 views)

Here is another video where it begins with wonderfully cut together clips of each Klaus and Caroline that demonstrate how it might’ve been had they met earlier and it’s then mixed with scenes where they are with one another. This video is quite simple, with a cover of Nelly’s “Just a Dream” playing with the clips. Klaus and Caroline’s relationship is a once in a lifetime thing, and for anyone else, it’s just a dream. Quite frankly, I feel this video is so popular because everyone in the fandom would absolutely love for that dream to become a reality.


25. Klaroline & Kalijah | Halo by KatLoveStory (22,373 views)

The final video we have on this list involves both Klaroline and Kalijah, the latter being another one of my personal favorite ships. This video is extraordinarily put together to show all of the simplicities and great qualities each couple has. With Kalijah, Katherine has always had trouble with not being able to find a safe place for herself, whether it be physically or emotionally. She’s never been a stable person. Then she let Elijah into her life, and everything changed. Just like the lyrics in “Halo” say, “Remember those walls I built? Well baby, they’re tumbling down”, Katherine is doing exactly that by letting her guard down and allowing herself to love someone for real. Klaroline is kind of a different story. Caroline is the only woman that Klaus has ever truly loved in his 1,000+ years of existing. She is the pure light to his void darkness and each of them struggle to let each other in. He’s supposed to be the big bad hybrid, yet he can’t help but continuously fall for this baby blonde vampire. She’s the good one, she is always there for everyone else, and she always comes second. She knows of his wrongdoings. But she can’t help but have a soft spot for this man who has done many terrible things. This video explains each respective ship beautifully and I know that it might bring a tear to any hardcore shipper of each one’s eye.


BONUS: The most viewed Klaroline video on Youtube with 639,562 views is by LostGirlC entitled Klaroline Scenes – 500 Years of Solitude – Klaus and Caroline Sex, and I’m pretty sure we all know why 😉


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