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Top 25 Times Kol Made Klaroline Better in Fanfiction



No one can deny that Klaus and Caroline have incredible chemistry. And when you add another Original to the mix, things only get better. Kol Mikaelson knows how to have fun and when that fun involves spending time with a gorgeous blonde while simultaneously driving his older brother crazy, what more could an Original ask for? The following list all feature Kol in some way, whether he’s there to help our favorite couple or hinder them, you’ll have to read to find out. One thing is for sure, they’re all worth checking out!

1. Colored You In by LaLainaJ

Kol Mikaelson is in need of a place to stay and Caroline Forbes has a spare room. It’s not an ideal situation but Kol has promised to behave himself – and the possibility for Caroline to get to know his hot, nerdy older brother Klaus is definitely a bonus.

2. Linked by Angelikah

Caroline never planned on seeing Klaus again, so imagine her surprise when she finds herself mated to the Original Hybrid. Now she needs Bonnie’s help breaking the mate-link to Klaus; a process that would be much easier without Kol getting in her way and distracting Bonnie.


3. Love, Hate And Friends by imdrowinginfootwear

With the ongoing drama in Mystic Falls, Caroline could use a little distraction. She, along with everyone else, is surprised that that distraction turns out to be Kol Mikaelson of all people. What happens when a simple distraction develops into a real friendship? How will her friends react? And how will a certain hybrid take the news that his baby brother is spending so much time with the girl of his dreams?

4. Paradise For The Lost by liarfaker

Kol Mikaelson is destined to bring about the apocalypse and the only one who can stop him and maybe save him is an angel named Caroline. There’s a devil named Klaus though who intends to see Kol fulfill his destiny and no one – least of all the delectable Caroline – is going to stop him.


5. Renegade Knights by Biana Delacroix

When Caroline finally came to Klaus in New Orleans, it should have been a dream come true. But she didn’t come alone. Now Caroline and Kol need Klaus’ help, but they both refuse to answer his questions regarding where they’ve been and why they’re together.


6. Purgatory by Scarletborn

Caroline Forbes has been to hell and back, literally. And she didn’t come back alone. She managed to escape with Kol but they’ll need Klaus’ help if they hope to survive.


7. Go To Hell Kol by wanderlustfaery

Caroline hasn’t thought about her imaginary friend from childhood in years. So imagine her surprise when he appears to her as an adult with the intention of setting her personal life right.

8. The Devil’s Backbone by willowaus

Everything has fallen apart – the hybrids are dead, Tyler is forced to run, and Caroline and her friends have an enraged hybrid on their hands. With everyone else looking for the cure, Kol has a mission of his own; one that will require his brother’s help. He’s willing to do anything to succeed even if that means kidnapping Caroline to force Klaus’ hand.


9. I Don’t Date Men With Accents by peaceful village

Kol loves his best friend Caroline and her daughter like they’re his own family. When he finally gets around to introducing her to his actual family, everyone is shocked to discover that not only do Caroline and Kol’s brother Klaus know each other, Klaus just so happens to be her long lost baby daddy. Kol takes it upon himself to see to it his brother and his best friend get a happy ending.  

10. Best Wingman Ever (AKA How Kol Sailed SS Klaroline Home) by lysapot

Kol has one goal in life and that’s to ensure his OTP lives happily ever after. No one is going to stand in the way, not even Klaus and Caroline themselves. They’re going to be happy together, whether they like it or not.


11. Fire Away by that-blonde-full-of-light

Klaus and Kol spend their their days rescuing and assisting those in need. When they cross paths with a young woman named Caroline who needs help, they both realize they’d do anything to help her.

12. Nights I Can’t Remember by lonelywinter

All Kol wanted was for his older brother to loosen up a bit. The last thing he expected was for Klaus to fall for Caroline, a woman who works the streets.


13. Again by wanderlustfaery

Caroline and Kol find themselves reborn as humans when the other side finally collapses. They remember nothing of their former lives, something that doesn’t sit well with Klaus when he finds them together in the future.

14. A Big Change by KendraM

Klaus and Caroline have somehow switched bodies and they’re desperate to switch back. That doesn’t mean they each can’t use their new bodies to their advantage.


15. The Broken King by Can’tTakethePressure

Caroline only had Kol to look after her growing up and when his blood thirsty brother came after them, he sent her away to protect her. Now Caroline means to save Kol by any means necessary, even if she has to take on Klaus herself.


16. Original Potion by KlarolineCinderella

Klaus is in need of mermaid blood to complete a potion. It just so happens that Kol knows a very lovely mermaid by the name of Caroline.


17. Hello Again, Friend of A Friend by but seriously

Kol’s brother is dead and won’t stop haunting him. Apparently Klaus has some unfinished business with a baby vampire and the only person who can help Klaus is Kol.


18. Off With Your Head by liarfaker

Someone in Mystic Falls is beheading people and it’s not Klaus. He’ll need help from his younger brother Kol and the beautiful Caroline in order to figure out who the killer is.


19. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by liarfaker

Caroline was never the one that people wanted and she was certainly never the girl guys fought over. That all changes when two Originals set their sights on her.


20. Rest In Pieces by she.daydreams.in.colour

Kol wanted to punish his brother for not avenging his death, so he took the one thing that Klaus loved in this world for himself.


21. You’re Back And You’re Trouble by jennaphine

Klaus brought Kol back from the dead but he’s got too much going on in New Orleans to look after his troublesome brother. He needs someone he can trust to look after Kol, someone like Caroline.


22. Like The Sun Shines by LaLainaJ

Caroline has finally come to Klaus in New Orleans but she didn’t come alone. She brought her best friend Bonnie with her, a fact that Kol finds exceedingly delightful.


23. Hollywood Living by MidnightAngel30

Klaus Mikaelson, the hottest actor around, needs a new personal assistant and Caroline Forbes is the best available. She’ll do her best to keep his life in order while also dealing with his crazy family.  


24. I Won the Pool! by theoriginalcheesecake

Caroline only agreed to attend Kol’s family Christmas celebration because she didn’t want to spend the holidays alone. The last person she ever expected to encounter was the incredibly annoying but also incredibly hot guy she’s been seeing around campus


25. Bound By Blood by The_Duchess_of_Fiction

Instead of letting her die to punish Tyler, Klaus instead decides to spare Caroline’s life. Where there was once animosity and mistrust, Caroline now finds herself drawn to her sworn enemy. And when Kol seemingly comes back from the dead, new alliances will form and old friendships will be tested.


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