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Top 25 TV Show AU's Part 1



Klaroline is one of those unique couples that you can mould and fit into other situations besides the canon and oh so interesting plot’s of Vampire Diaries, a fact evident by the overflowing number of AU fanfictions in our fandom. So, we decided to take a look at TV show’s that Klaroline would easily fit into and make it their own, and we had one hell of a time.


Scandal is one of those shows that people can’t stop watching at the moment and with all the angst and feels the show gives us it’s easy to imagine Klaroline in this universe. Klaus is practically meant to play the strong, powerful leader much like Fitz from Scandal, and Caroline just screams Olivia Pope to me. A fierce independent woman whose weakness is her love for the man she can never have. I was hooked on Scandal from the first episode I tuned in to and I could immediately see Klaroline as the lead couple. Klaus is just the type of person not to give up on something he wants, especially if he knows it’s what Caroline wants too, because let’s face it, if there is anything that screams Klaroline its doomed romance and amazing chemistry. Also can’t you just see Olivia’s associates as the MF gang? The suave Harrison played by Damon, Stefan as Huck, Bonnie as Abby and maybe even Elena as Quinn?


The Finder

The Finder might not be a show that is well known as it only got one season before it was cancelled but it started off as a spin off from Bones. It’s centred around Walter Sherman, a man who was discharged from the army after being blown up during his tour of duty. The blast caused brain damage and left Walter with a strange obsession to find things. I can imagine Klaus in this role as the rude, arrogant genius with more than a few quirks and problems while Caroline takes on the role of the Court Marshal who works alongside him, getting caught up in his work as he tracks down things people have lost. This would be a fun AU for Klaroline but at the same time keeping true to their characters. It would also be a lot of fun to see some of the other Originals brought into the mix. Elijah as Klaus’ trusted adviser, keeping him in line and even Rebekah has someone who helps out with Klaus’ work.


Beauty and the Beast

If Klaroline’s love story was going to be a Disney movie there is no doubt in my mind that it would be Beauty and the Beast. When the TV adaption came out I immediately thought of Klaroline. In this world Klaus would take on the role of Vincent. A soldier who was part of a government experiment while he was in the army that had some disastrous side effects. Caroline as Catherine, a hard hitting detective who is drawn to him for some reason after he saves her life. The connection between the two characters is what makes me think it would be the perfect AU story for Klaroline because it’s the connection between Klaus and Caroline that made me love them in the first place. Who doesn’t want to see Klaus and Caroline fight to be together against everything, her job, his beastly nature and people wanting to tear them apart?



Anyone who watches NCIS is aware of the pain fest known as Tiva. It was a romance that built up slowly over 8 years as Tony and Ziva worked together side by side and ended abruptly when Ziva left the team not giving the fans the closure they needed (ringing any Klaroline bells here?). Anyway, the idea of this storyline for Klaroline intrigued me because it’s not a common one but I think it’s one that actually works quite well for our couple. Klaus and Caroline working together as partners while they solve crimes and the story of how their relationship evolves as they get closer, starting with teasing and banter and turning into a love that it pure and selfless, so much so either wants to tell the other how they feel and risk losing the friendship they have. I personally really like the idea that no matter how much they try they can’t stop their feelings from leaking through their actions to the point where everyone around them knows they are in love with each other. Plus the idea of Klaus travelling halfway across the world to be with Caroline just melts my heart.



This AU for Klaroline is great because it places them in the 1800s and who doesn’t love a bit of historic Klaroline? Dracula is a show that suits our couple well because it’s dark and edgy and if we are being honestly if anyone can pull off dark and alluring its Klaus Mikaelson. In this show he would be the foreign businessman who seems to have gained his power and status overnight while trying to figure out a way of walking out in the sunlight without burning. Caroline would be perfect as the woman who turns his head because she looks exactly like a reincarnation of his long lost wife. The only problem is she belongs to someone else. This story would give Klaroline a darker feel as they are unable to stay away from each other and the more they try to keep their distance the deeper their attraction gets.


Charmed – Cole/Phoebe

He’s a power-hungry demon, she’s a witch on the side of good, they should be mortal enemies but instead they fall in love; what better Klaroline setting could you ask for?

Cole Turner and Klaus Mikaelson share a lot of similarities. They both seek power, sometimes hurting those they care about in order to get it. But there is that one person for both of them that makes them stop and think, at least for a second. Caroline Forbes is in turn a lot like the Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell. Both struggle with their newfound powers, powers they could do very bad or very good things with, both trying to be good. They both look for the good in people, a quality that leads both of them to their men.

I would love to see Caroline as a powerful witch, maybe alongside Bonnie and Elena (or Katherine if you prefer), fighting demons and learning new abilities. And along the way she meets Klaus, who is a half-demon-half-human (so he retains the same never-fitting-in issues), and falls in love. They have to battle against both the light and the dark sides trying to tear them apart, neither side understanding their love. It’s a difficult road, but aren’t the best love stories always rocky? It’s the makings of an epic romance, or if you prefer to go the route of Charmed canon, an epic tale of angst (because we all know how that ended *cries in corner*).


Once Upon a Time – Captain Swan or Rumbelle

This show would be a great AU for Klaroline for many reasons, one of which being the multiple ship options they fit into!

Captain Swan is made up of a pirate-turned hero, with a checkered past and a tale of lost innocence, and an orphaned princess with a chip on her shoulder and a heart that was closed to love. The similarities are too good to ignore! Klaus would make the perfect swashbuckler, as evidenced by the multitude of Klaroline Pirate fics, leading his crew on adventures over the high seas, searching for something yet not knowing what, until he meets her (and just imagine Klaus in leather pants if you need more convincing).

Caroline has been burned enough in TVD canon that imagining her as the abandoned lost girl who had to fight her own demons as well as some real ones in the form of evil queens and witches is not really a stretch. Emma being burned by Neal is not unlike Tyler choosing his hate over his love and leaving Caroline, just imagine there was a child in the mix and you’re there. Caroline brings out the best of Klaus no matter what universe they’re in, so adding True Love to the mix just makes it that much more exciting .

Rumbelle is the classic Beauty and the Beast story with a bit of a twist. Imagine Klaus as Rumpelstiltskin, a man who has pushed all his emotions deep down inside and refuses to feel for anyone, save for one lost boy (Henrik would fit perfectly here, don’t you think?). He is the master of dark magic, using it cruelly for his every whim; until he meets her. Caroline, our Belle, makes him rethink his evil ways. She brings out the kindness, the goodness in him, she makes him feel human again. Of course, Klaus still falls back into the darkness every now and then, but Caroline is always able to pull him back, accepting him for who he is, but encouraging him to be who she knows he can be. Hopefully Klaus-Rumple wouldn’t betray Caroline like the end of Season 3 in OUAT, but then again, maybe that will just add another layer to their relationship (or please the angst fans at least).


Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Spuffy

I’ve seen Klaroline be compared to Bangel before, but to me, Spike and Buffy fit our couple much more closely. Spike is bad. He’s a demon, there to destroy the town and anyone who gets in his way. Until he starts to fall in love, with the Vampire Slayer of all people. Buffy isn’t one to put up with anyone’s crap, least of all Spike’s. She spurns his advances, telling him he’s unworthy of her. But eventually she stops fighting the attraction, giving in (leading to some of the hottest network television sex scenes ever, thank you very much), and letting herself just feel. Sure, she is careful to keep her emotions out of it, as much as she can manage to, anyway. But when Spike comes back with a soul, no longer controlled by a demon, it’s much harder for her to fight it.

I would love to see Klaus and Caroline take on these roles. They already fit so well into the characters, a dark man with a dark past, who is only good for her, and a woman with a strong urge to help her friends, who rebuffs his advances until she can no longer tell herself that she wants to. If BTVS hadn’t ended when and how it did, forcing Buffy and Spike apart, I can imagine their relationship would have only improved, making that declaration of love completely true, both of them believing it, and don’t we all wish Klaus and Caroline would get the opportunity to see each other again and really explore their feelings, finally admitting the truth we all already know (I’m not crying, you’re crying)?


Arrow – Olicity

An arrow-shooting vigilante and a hacker extraordinaire; who wouldn’t want to see our favorite couple in this AH/AU setting?

Klaus already has a mysterious past, so translating that into human Oliver’s shouldn’t be that much of a stretch. They both start off arrogant, at least on the outside, using their aloof exterior to cover up what’s inside. But they slowly realize they can be more, especially with the faith of a certain blonde. And Caroline may not be a computer whiz like Felicity, but she is smart and can do anything she puts her mind to, so I can definitely see her as a member of Team Arrow, perhaps with Stefan as Diggle, rolling his eyes and shaking his head at their antics.

Felicity believes in Oliver, she was one of the first who truly thought he was a hero, not just a vigilante roaming the streets. She believes in him, knows he’s a good person, and doesn’t think that he needs to change. Perhaps if Klaroline’s relationship had been allowed to evolve in canon, Caroline would have come to see the same in Klaus; unfortunately we will probably never find out outside of fanon (why can’t we have nice things?).

Firefly- Mal/Inara

If you haven’t seen Firefly yet, what are you waiting for? This space-western has become a cult classic even though it was only around for one season and a movie (*shakes fist at Fox*). The tale of Malcolm Reynolds, captain of a ragtag crew, looking for work, legal or not, on the outer rim is a definite must see show, especially if you want to understand how Klaus and Caroline fit in.

I see Klaus as having a lot of similarities with Mal. Mal may not be a supernatural killer, but their personalities have many parallels that would be interesting to explore. They’re both witty and sarcastic, throwing out quips left and right. They’re both natural leaders and the type to stand by their convictions, so putting Klaus in his shoes isn’t as far a stretch as you might think.

Caroline may not share a profession with Inara, but she can do mysterious and sultry just as well. Plus she and Klaus already have that unspoken attraction thing that Inara and Mal have down (until it stops being unspoken of course). And Mal and Inara’s trademark bickering? You know as well as I that isn’t a stretch for Klaroline.

Seeing Klaroline as well as our favorites from TVD on the spaceship Serenity is definitely one of my top TV AUs for them. After all, isn’t the best part of their relationship the unresolved tension covered by sass and arguments until it finally comes to a head (hopefully in a super smutty way 😉 )?

Written by Rhiannon.

Written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr

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