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Top 25 Underrated Fanfictions Part 2



As promised, here is Part II of the Top 25 underrated fanfics!

To sleep, perchance to dream

By: Kae A

A personal favourite of mine! Where Caroline has trouble with dreams between two different versions of her life and figuring out which one is her reality.



By: ferrylis

Four dead supernatural beings all form an alliance to bring Caroline and Klaus together.


More than a slave

By: Annaelle-KLAROLINE

Where Caroline is a slave for the Lockwood’s but they tire of her and she is auctioned rather brutally and in public. Klaus, of course, is the one who ‘purchases’ her and deals with new and strange emotions for the blonde beauty.


Life raft

By: LoveIsAlwaysLouder

Klaus saves Caroline from the water after the Titanic crashed in the middle of the night. He helps her back to health and they eventually fall for one another.


Bad blood

By: imstormborn

The Mikaelson’s kidnap Caroline, daughter of Bill Forbes at the orders of their father – Mikael Mikaelson, only to find out that the young girl is expected to married one of his son’s. Will she choose Klaus or Kol?


Bright lights

By: xxwanderlustdreamingxx

Both Klaus and Caroline are enrolled in a movie alongside each other. At first they hate each other, rude and cannot stand each other but we all known that changes with time.


My secret life

By: DawnMax43

Where Klaus and Caroline’s relationship starts of as a secret but soon enough everyone finds out about the two and not everyone is very pleased about it.


Unwanted love

By: xXPrincess-of-DarknessxXx

Caroline falls pregnant with Klaus’s child and struggles with the reality of the situation. Klaus, to his surprise is rather happy about the outcome and will do everything he can to help and make sure Caroline will be alright.



By: cloudydanger

Where Silas murders Liz and Caroline falls into a deep depression. She isn’t herself and the only person who may have a shot at reaching the old Caroline again is no longer in Mystic Falls. Will Klaus be able to get through to Caroline or is she a lost cause?


I’m Walking to New Orleans

By: Kenim

Caroline is on the run from Silas and she needs help. So, she finds herself in New Orleans to seek for assistance in escaping.


The allure of darkness

By: Ana Dobreva

Rebekah attempts to uncover Caroline’s feelings for her brother one night when herself Caroline, Elena and bonnie are having a girls night. Caroline continues to push her feelings to the side and Klaus becomes frustrated with the fact Caroline is not willing to accept her feelings.


What would you do?

By: Klaroline-lovegames

All human. Where Caroline lost all her friends one night when she makes a call to the police. No one ever believes her heart-breaking story until Klaus Mikaelson comes along and together they push through their dark pasts.


A way out

By: T.J. Lexx

Caroline flips her humanity switch and takes off to New Orleans and finds Klaus. At first he’s happy to see her but immediately knows something is wrong. Despite knowing she flipped her switch he lets her do as she pleases and only takes to more drastic measures when she crosses the line.

Written by Annalise. Find her on Tumblr