Top 3 Caroline to NOLA Videos of July


Even if the writers are too proud and stubborn to see that, there’s a million ways Caroline could be introduced on The Originals. One of the many fan favorite storylines – that we often find in fanfictions as well – is that she could be brought in by Marcel… and, in this playlist, we see three different ways that could come to happen: as an ally to him and therefore an enemy to Klaus, kidnapped as leverage to get the big bad hybrid to do things he normally wouldn’t, or maybe (like father like ‘son’, after all) Marcel could somehow take an interest in our favorite blonde vampire.

Those three characters together would literally ooze charisma, and we can’t wait to see them interact and play off each other for real. We all know that it IS going to happen eventually, anyway. *winks*

[youlist pid="PLe3_lgqdpSQQGeIR4yenOaRfaW4k_33Mf"]