Top 4 Human!Klaroline AU Videos


Unfortunately, human!Klaroline videos are few and far between so I admit I had some help putting these little gems together.


There’s hundreds of human!AU fanfictions in our fandom and the storylines are honestly always so perfect that I, for one, love reading about our favourite couple growing up together and dealing with simpler, everyday problems. But there’s something even more special about actually getting to SEE Klaus and Caroline as children and building a relationship that really strikes a chord in me; and it also shows how amazingly talented the vidders in our fandom are, because it must be terribly hard to find and compile scenes from other shows or even movies that can tell such a story about two people who are anything but human on their own shows and that share such an amazing chemistry as Klaroline does.


I believe this kind of videos is underrated, and, while I go to find some more of them, you guys have fun watching the ones put together in the playlist below! I guarantee that you will feel very emotional (I mean… there’s a manip of Klaus bottle-feeding a baby, and OMG IT IS EVERYTHING!).