Top 4 Klaroline Crossover Videos


With the crossover so close, the vidders in our fandom have been gearing up already and dropping new videos with their hopes and interpretations of the much awaited new Klaroline scene. So today I’m happy to show you videos with some excellent phone-call manips that will have you wanting the crossover even more if possible.

And I know I have mentioned countless times how talented the members of our fandom are, but I’m going to fangirl over them again now! Their work in the four videos below is flawless, with perfect song choices that reflect so well on our OTP and voiceovers that will make you reminisce our favourite moments from breathtaking Klaroline scenes. These vidders really overwhelm us with feels, laughing because of the couple’s sassy banter and then crying because OMG WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH SUCH AN AMAZING OTP.
So enjoy! The real thing is almost upon us!