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Top 5 Fast-Edited Klaroline Videos of September



Klaroline are the very definition of a ‘slow burn’. Their romance has developed over a span of years and seasons, as all of us fans know all too well. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy some fast-paced fan videos of them!

Below, we have a list of exactly that – videos in which things might start off slow… but, once they get going, there’s no taking your eyes off of what’s going on. Much like whenever Caroline finally let herself give into her feelings for Klaus.

So enjoy these five videos, where some talented vidders managed to capture passion, excitement and, of course, the allure of darkness of our favorite TV couple in a rapid assemblage of clips!


[youlist pid="PLe3_lgqdpSQSCCJ08UopvhUt6InrEasPU"]


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