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Top 5 Humor Videos of November


We all know that Klaroline is endgame – it has to be! – but with our OTP on different shows, involved with different people, and with the writers being cryptic and vague when answering questions about crossovers, the future of Klaroline sometimes may seem bleak. However, at this point, we have to remind ourselves about why we fell in love with this ship in the first place and one of these reasons is the effortless banter that they have.


The following videos are my top five favorite humor videos: they contain some classic Klaroline humor, with sassy comebacks and Klaus’ signature puppy-dog-eyes when it comes to Caroline. We can definitely appreciate how everyone in Mystic Falls, at one point or the other, shipped these two together and the fact that if anyone other than Caroline had ever said anything of what she said to Klaus then they probably wouldn’t be alive right now.


So, while we are all waiting for Klaroline to grace our screens again, go forth and remind yourselves about the many uncontrollable giggles that you had when you first watched our eternal ship share time on The Vampire Diaries.