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Top 5 Instrumental/Voiceovers Klaroline Videos of August 2015


I have to confess, instrumental videos with voiceovers of my OTP are one of my weaknesses.

I don’t know what it is about them, perhaps it’s the way that the makers perfectly manage to combine their music and powerful, emotional quotes that has me overwhelmed with an array of different feelings… because, for me, watching this kind of videos is like watching those Klaroline scenes through a new pair of eyes and lenses, and I have to applaud the talent that goes into editing such videos so beautifully.

So here is a list of five instrumental videos that leave me an emotional mess every single time I watch them, hopefully they’ll do the same to you!

[youlist pid="PLe3_lgqdpSQRzM_kxfe1CCCk-YBUyd-xu"]


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