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Top 5 Klaroline + Another Original Pairing Videos of July


What a lot of us feel robbed of, with the courses that The Vampire Diaries and especially The Originals have taken, is not only Klaroline, but also all the other potential things that could have come with it. I mean, who never dreamed of shopping trips with Caroline, Katherine and Rebekah – sassy quips on one side and bodily harm threats on the other, with our favorite baby vampire trying to refrain the other two women from killing each other? Or what about double dates with Klaus and Caroline and Kol and Bonnie, at one of the fanciest restaurants of New Orleans?

Even if the show ended up being the furthest thing from what we were hoping for, the Originals got their own spin-off because people loved them and wanted to see more of them: their everyday life, their family dynamics, the way they interact with others around them. A sort of odd domesticity, if you will.

So, today, I thought I’d bring you a few videos that show us exactly what that could have been like. Paralleling Klaroline with another of the many possible ‘Original pairings’ (Elijah/Katherine, Stefan/Rebekah, Matt/Rebekah, Finn/Sage, and so on… and maybe a little treat with all of them! *winks*). Isn’t that what our favorite fanfictions are made of, after all?

[youlist pid="PLe3_lgqdpSQSKk2Qd32oej9he1LbIVBlP"]