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Top 5 Most Classic Klaroline Videos


This fandom has been around for a few years now and one of the incredible things about having been around for so long is that we have so much incredible fanart, fanfiction and – you guessed it! – fan-videos to browse through.


When I first joined the fandom after the 5×11 episode aired, I was seriously blown away by the amount of fan-videos I could find just by typing the word ‘Klaroline’ into the YouTube search bar and, even to this day, I still am. I often find myself going back and looking up the newest videos, but there are a few specific ones that I find myself always going back to no matter how old they are or how many times I’ve already watched them.


So today I’ve compiled a list of my top five most ‘classic’, so to speak, Klaroline videos, that some of you will definitely recognize. Enjoy!