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Top 5 New Klaroline Videos of October 2015


Here we are, almost two years since the last Klaroline scene, but despite the lack of scenes between our beloved duo, individuals in our talented fandom keep our feels afloat with constant new material for us to fangirl over.


I’ll be the first to admit I’m very surprised by the amount of fanart and fanvids still being made from these few, same scenes in a way that gives them a new spin or a new feel every time. It’s very impressive and goes to show the amount of dedication and creativity in this fandom, so I just want to give a quick kudos to all the individuals who help make this possible — keep being awesome, fandom!


Today I’ve compiled for you a list of my top five new Klaroline videos that you definitely want to check out! With the shows having started again, they are definitely needed.


If you have a quick moment, also please leave a little love for the vidders in the comments section or take a second to hit the ‘like’ button just to show them how much we appreciate their hard work even today, and especially with the lack of Klaroline on our screens.


Enjoy, guys!