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Top 5 New Klaroline Videos of September 2015



The moment that Klaroline first captured our hearts, how many of you would have imagined in your Wildest Dreams that today they would be on separate shows with the fandom still remaining as loyal and as loving towards them as ever? Certainly not me, but here we are.


The beauty of it is that Niklaus saw Caroline and he might as well have seen a comet in a Nitesky, because the ruthless original hybrid was instantly smitten for the first time in his long and dark existence. Klaroline Found Love together, and that’s why I know there’s always hope for more scenes in the future.


Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be Blindsided by a reunion that will touch us and our shipping heart just as much as their first dance has so long ago now!


(Hope you enjoyed my puns… if now, there’s always today’s playlist to watch instead!)



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