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Top 5 Video Songs of July

top5The thing that I love the most about good, badass songs, it’s how confident they make you feel whenever you listen to them. Whether if it’s on your own or with your friends, or simply while you’re walking down the street, they just allow you to have a completely different attitude towards the world but especially towards yourself, and I think that’s amazing.

When it comes to Klaroline, we often talk about how basically every song could fit them perfectly if you just pay enough attention to the lyrics and that usually ends up in a playlist of heartbreaking or hopeful slow songs. But it’s the summer and hiatus and the Comic-Con weekend, and there’s a lot of bulls**t out there for us to deal with before The Vampire Diaries and its dreaded spin-off pick up again… so, this time, I’m going to leave you with five songs that won’t make you cry remembering Klaroline, but that will make you hella confident about both our fandom and our OTP and how much they slay compared to all those other basic ships.

After all, it’s already been two years—we never go out of style. *winks*

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