Top 8 Video-Songs of January



It’s a new year… which means a fresh start for some, new opportunities for others and, for our fandom, maybe it means the reunion of our favorite pairing that we’ve all been waiting for. *crosses fingers, limbs and organs*


While we wait to see if this will finally be our year, we luckily have plenty of stuff to keep us going here in the fandom: there are plenty of new fanfictions, old ones being updated everyday, new edits, manips and gifs, and, of course, new videos for us to enjoy. Here, I’ve compiled for you a list of some of my top songs for the month of January; you may recognize some of them (‘Hello’, anyone?) or maybe have a few suggestions of your own which you can leave below in the comments. Either way, I hope you’ll let yourself be inspired by their beautiful tunes and lyrics!