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Top Klaroline Tweets: 15 November – 29 November

Hello fandom! With the final season of The Vampire Diaries coming to an end, the Klaroline fandom remain positive and active across all social platforms. The Klaroline fandom continues to flood Twitter with Klaroline related tweets, in particular. If you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up or just a reminder that Klaroline is one of the most epic ships of all time (because it is, okay) you just need to go through the Klaroline tag on Twitter.

Or you could just check out this weeks top tweets from the 15th November to 29th November 😉

Let’s get started, shall we?




I’M NOT SCREAMING. YOU’RE SCREAMING. I showed my sister – who has never seen The Vampire Diaries or The Originals (at this point she’s my guinea pig) before – this gif and asked her what she thought of the two people and their relationship, she replied with “It looks like there’s a lot of history between them. He looks at her with such adoration and love. Yeah. There’s history there. You can see it. And passion. Lots of passion. Where can I find a guy you will look at me like that?” You can’t, there’s only one Klaus Mikealson and he’s taken. Sorry!



Never mind a Tuesday, this gif would even make a dreaded Monday better.



If this isn’t the realest tweet I’ve EVER read, then I don’t anymore. Caroline has always doubted herself. Doubted if she was good enough. Klaus always reinforced her self-assurance. Reminded her of who she is, and what she’s worth. And that’s so important.




My heart just aches at this – in a good way, of course! This ‘big bad hybrid’ came all the way from New Orleans because he knew how much graduation meant to Caroline and he wanted to see her.




You’re not alone, love.



Okay, so. I don’t actually watch The Originals – though if Caroline moved over there I’d watch the sh*t out of that. But headcanon! I so want Caroline and Marcel to go against one another in New Orleans.



Warning: NSFW







I’d thought I’d leave ya’ll on a high with this smutty tweet/headcanon 😉