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Top Klaroline Tweets: 2 May – 10 May 2016

Hello fandom! It’s been a pretty chill week. HA. Who am I kidding? Camille died last week on The Originals and it sparked speculation that we might actually get Caroline moving onto The Originals next season (it feels like all the chess pieces are falling into place, SOMEONE COME HELP ME LOWER MY EXPECTATIONS), what do y’all think of that? And speaking of Camille, Leah Pipes tweeted a very shady (?) tweet at Klaroliners this week.


Onto the week’s top tweets!


ASDFGHJ mimi pls.



Victoria spilling the truth tea J.


AHHHHHHH. I don’t want to get my hopes up, and I don’t want to overanalyse but…


Okay, so. Think back to the Klaroline kiss. Got that image in your head? Think about Klaus’ stubble lightly scratching against Caroline’s face and, well… ahem.


Honestly, I’ve always believed that Klaroline were going to be a focal point for many seasons if not for The Originals, and the spin-off derailed it. Which is understandable, but there were many ways the spin-off could have worked, and ways they could have slowly introduced Caroline over the seasons, but they didn’t and that will always remain their biggest mistake. I’m getting off point, but with Steroline… I think Julie has always wanted to explore them, because best friends can be an epic love, they can work. But the problem is… they’ve got to work, slowly – with romantic seeds being planted, subtlety, from the beginning. And that’s the problem with Steroline, at least to me, Caroline had a thing for him and he shut her down. In season 1. That was it. Done. For me, that’s why they don’t and never will work as a ship. I think Julie has realised this too, now that she tried to explore her guilty pleasure but ended up watching it go up in flames quicker that the Gilbert house.


How about a trip down memory lane?


This is very pretty and deserves to be shared!


On a final note, if you’re attending, make sure to ask some Klaroline questions!