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Top Klaroline Tweets: 20 June – 7 July

Hello fandom! It’s already July therefore if ya’ll need something to read, while you’re soaking up the sun and enjoying the summer (and hopefully, some margaritas), then take a look at these top tweets from the Klaroline fandom 🙂

Fandom recently came together for #KlarolinePositivityWeek.



With gifsets, edits, fanfiction and love for all the amazing and super talented shippers being spread around Twitter – it sure was a positive place to be. Here are just a few of my own personal favourite tweets from the event:


GAH! So accurate.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that even if you can’t create any content i.e edits, gifs, fics etc., that you’re still important, because spreading content by other people through retweeting/reblogging helps bring exposure to their work. It also helps spread positivity and joy, and that, is essential to a fandom.


I second this!

If there’s one thing the Klaroline fandom excels in, it’s positivity… thus this event ending up a soaring success.

The Klaroline phone call was up for EOnline’s “Best TV Shocker” Award. So – to no-one’s surprise – shippers put all of their effort into voting.

Maybe this added to shippers motivation to vote 😉

And as a result of fandom’s dedication, Klaroliners’ came out on top.



If the weather isn’t hot enough for you, then maybe this will help 😉

Not only was it #InternationalKissingDay, but July 6th also brought about the apocalypse. Julie Plec acknowledged Klaroline winning the “Best TV Shocker” award.

And that’s it. Until next time, shippers!