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Top Klaroline Tweets: 30 November – 14 December

Happy Holidays, fandom! For those of you who celebrate it, Christmas is just around the corner and this year December has been good to us. Despite barely any interaction since season 5, the Klaroline fandom remains strong and continues to grow. And I think our waiting is about to pay off in 2017.

Check out this weeks top tweets that are sure gonna give you some hope 🙂



The raw emotion and vulnerability Klaus showed in this scene is what made me fall in love with his character. And huge props to Joseph Morgan for pulling it off on-screen – whether the director directed it or not ;).



Because of you, Caroline. It was all for you – still my absolute favorite Klaroline scene.



Klaroline shippers coming through for us.



LMAO. That’s one way to put Klaus in the photo op.




I LOVE hope ya’ll.




The complete 180 Actors tend to promote what they know is upcoming or currently happening, so it’s not shocking that the complete 180 has got me wondering Candice knows something we don’t (or, well, something we hope).



I don’t wanna say burn, but BURN. Seriously though, it’s a good thing. Klaus and Caroline are two characters that may have been unplanned, but the chemistry was real and couldn’t be ignored. Some of the best things are unplanned, just saying.



ME TOO. Pander to me, pander to me!


GAH. This is beautiful.


Merry Christmas!