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The December Trope of the Month Poll winner is Accidental Pregnancies. Pregnancies in TVD or TO can be … a bit of a hit or a miss. We only need to look at Hope “Miracle Baby” Mikaelson or Caroline’s surrogate daughters for an example. Thankfully our fandom authors do it better. Canon or AU, all the pregnancies on this list were unplanned, but not entirely unappreciated for the Klaroline they bring us.

A Mikaelson Surprise by SelenaKat

Caroline has two problems. One, she had an one-night stand with her boss. Two, she’s pregnant with his baby. What is Caroline to do?


Au Cceur D’un Loup by klarodrabblequest

Klaus and Caroline are mates and are very much in love, but suddenly Caroline starts acting strangely. After consulting his family, Klaus realizes that Caroline is pregnant, but she doesn’t know…


An Impossible Possibility by itsnotacrimetoloveyou

After their explosive one-night stand in the woods, Caroline ends up pregnant and heads to NOLA. Now, Caroline and Klaus are left to battle through Caroline’s pregnancy together.


The Heiress by Sweet Little Darling

When Klaus shows up at her graduation, Caroline unexpectedly falls into his bed. Joined by a now-human Katherine, she travels the world. But only a few weeks later, Caroline begins to throw up.


The Ties That Bind by EloiseLawrence18

Klaus and Caroline slept together later than expected. With life going on as normal as it can without Bonnie and Damon, Caroline finds out that she is pregnant.


A Beautiful Nightmare by ProphecyGirlxoxo

Six weeks after they sleep together, Caroline is devastated. She is missing Klaus, her relationship with her mom is rocky, and now, it turns out she may be pregnant.


Enhanced By You by hissaviourqueen

Composed of drabbles, this chronological series follows Caroline and Klaus as neighbors. Eventually, there’s an unexpected baby thrown into the mix.


Hope by Rainbows28

Some years after everyone has moved on with their lives, Caroline has a breakdown when she finds herself showing some human symptoms. Elena figures it out: Caroline is somehow pregnant.


What To Expect When You’re Expecting by Sweet Little Darling

This one has not one, not two, but three pregnancies. Katherine, Elena, and Caroline all become pregnant by men they cannot stand. What are they to do?


Life Just Changes by Klaroline is life

After her long-time boyfriend Tyler breaks up with her, Caroline stumbles home to her best friend Kol. Then she sleeps with his brother. Now, she’s pregnant with Kol’s niece or nephew. Oops?


Well, there you have it. Ten fanfics that involved Klaroline and accidental pregnancies somewhere. Read them and review to help and support your fellow Klaroliners!

Tell us in the comments about some of your favorite Klaroline Accidental Pregnancy fics!