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Top Tumblr Posts of the Weeks: 23 May – 4 June 2016

Hello guys!

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

I don’t like this. I can almost hear The Jaws theme song.

The shows are both over, so we only have fanon world now (Not that I am complaining, like not at all.). And it’s not like it’s a dramafree life to be a Klaroliner! (I think you know what I am talking about! But whatever, I am not going to have chest herpes over this.) (#ThisShouldEndNow, right?)

While we wait for our endgame scene, for season 8, or for this fanfiction’s next chapter, here are some of the best tumblr posts!

First of all, let’s be clear –


Now that it’s settled, I am preparing myself for season 8. What could possibly happen? (Please let it be unicorns!) And I know that I shouldn’t speculate, or think about it, and just enjoy the hiatus, but unfortunately for me, I am still attached to the shows and for one reason only:


I shouldn’t complain though, because who had a scene this season? (And the most memorable of them all, to be honest.) KLAROLINE! YES BABY!

Actually, Candice King had some things to say about it, and I must admit I was a bit bummed by her interview but since the Klaroline fandom is the best to turn anything negative into something positive (And if you want a header to show it proudly, no problemo) –


So of course the only thing important about the interview is how Candice was pretty saddened by the fact that she couldn’t work with her former co-star Joseph Morgan.




That’s why I am so proud of you guys, because I am not like that, at all.

Actually, there are two kinds of shippers:


And I am the second one.

But at the end of the day, I try to remember why I love Klaroline, and the list is endless.

Like how Klaus looks at Caroline? How he worships her? And WHY DOES IT GIVE ME SO MANY FEELS?? AND WHY DO I HEAR HOZIER’S SONG WHILE I WATCH THIS?


He’s so in love, don’t fight me. It’s beautiful. I am emo. Just look at the way he looks at her?? JUST WHY? They are so beautiful.

Another thing amazing about Klaroline?


It’s true that Klaroline can be fluffy, angsty, or dark, it’s a complicated relationship with a lot of interpretations, and that alone makes it pretty awesome.


Klaus is such a dork.

(So sorry but I totally imagined them singing like in Frozen? But it’s sandwiches, right? And now I have a Frozen AU in mind, thank you very much.)

The possibilities, with Klaroline are infinite. They can be fun, fluff, angsty, smutty (héhé), EVERYTHING!! AND THAT’S AMAZING!

And I hope that during this hiatus, many fanfictions, edits, will be made, to keep us afloat and all together. So enjoy the break, disregard the drama, be creative, and keep sharing. We’re one step closer to this, guys:


Oh, yeah, yes I can.