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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 05 – 15 January 2015



Hello lovelies!

It’s been a week of highs and lows for our fandom. What else is new! The only good thing to come out of all this recent mess is that KCers get extra sassy and that makes my job of picking the top 5 a hell of a lot easier.

Here’s this weeks top tumblr posts.

The festive period might be over, but it looks like one of our fellow KCers, livingdeadblondequeen, got one more extra Christmas present when she logged on to tumblr recently.


I would love nothing more than to see Caroline and Enzo pull a Thelma & Louise on us all and leave MF behind them for good to embark on a road trip to NOLA ! What more could you want than a Klaroline reunion and two bad ass Brits fighting over our care bear. rpklaroline gives us a taste of what might transpire between the trio with one of her FB creations!


It looks like the CW were still in the Christmas spirit this week by giving the majority of its shows early renewals!! Most fandoms were overjoyed by the news and looked forward to seeing more of their favourite shows, then there’s the TVD fandom. To say most of us were a tad disappointed is an understatement ! With both TVD and TO getting renewals the chances of seeing Klaroline this season are looking bleak. hypercoolism had this to say on the recent events.


With another season of TO to be inflicted on us all, it looks like we will be subjected to even more Klamille on our screens, with Julie Plec likely to try and flog this dead horse ship down our throats once again….urghhh take it away….do not want !!!!  How about a mean girls parody by habitsrabbit to cheer us all up !


Time to end things on a high I think with this celebratory post by klarolinestan. Our fandom reached a milestone this week with our beautiful OTP turning 3 years old! So let’s raise our champagne filled glasses to them. Here’s to three glorious years of Klaroline, at times it’s been hard but more importantly it’s been an amazing journey with you all.


Well sweethearts that it’s for this week. Don’t feel too disheartened by the renewals, all the more reason to keep asking for Klaroline ! Until next time xxx

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