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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 18 October – 11 November 2015


Hello sweethearts,


Yet another great week for the fandom. We’ve had Narducci attempting to build bridges by answering a lot of our Klaroline questions and playing nice with us all……for now at least. He also revealed a mention may come up on the originals soon, not to do with the town of MF itself but something or someone from there. Hmmmmmmm the mind boggles. Got us lot excited anyway. That’s not all though, none other than Plec herself just casually happened to mention that Klaroline was an eternal ship. This was enough to send our fandom over the edge. β€˜Eternal’ you’re my new favourite word. Let’s check out this week’s top tumblr posts.


This first post by a-little-blonde-distraction has my full backing. The character regression of our beloved Care bear has been the hardest pill to swallow. Caroline deserves more than a relationship with fuckboy Salvatore which plays on her insecurities. Caroline deserves more than some forced magical pregnancy and Caroline derserves more than some lame ass future engagement which will undoubtedly be used as some sort of obstacle for steroline. Caroline Forbes deserves better than this!



We can’t mention character regression without mentioning Klaus and them writers have been doing a right number on our original hybrid for some time now. Still we can’t help but hang on to any hope that his man tears may eventually dry up and he might actually grow a pair. earmole sums it up best with this next post.



Oh dear Plec, foiled again and you would’ve gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for those meddling KCers. Next post by missingstars89



Klaus’ painting of Camille looked suspiciously like a certain blonde vamp that captured his heart some time ago, as we see in this next post by girlylittleanna. Funny that he painted the back of her as if to hide the blondes true identity.



Klaroline isn’t just a ship it’s a basic human need. Final post by kladdiction.



Thanks for reading. Until next time KC fam x x x