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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 30 September – 17 October 2015


Hello sweethearts!


Wow what an amazing week it’s been for the fandom. The gagging order has finally been lifted on Klaroline, with a lot of the cast and crew engaging KCers, not forgetting the odd mention or two by some noticeable cast members. Couldn’t have anything to do with those poor ratings last week could it? Whatever the politics behind it, the fandom couldn’t be more happier right now and it was just the boost we needed after those shocking TVD spoilers. Let’s see what you lovely lot on tumblr made of the week that was as we check out my top tumblr posts.


The fandom received some exciting news this weekend. JOSEPH MORGAN WANTS A KLAROLINE ENDGAME! THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! Yes you heard me right, Jomo attended a con over the weekend and when it came to the audience Q&A’s he mentioned Klaroline not once but TWICE! The best thing about this is that the questions were not even ship related, he brought Klaroline up by his own free will. First post is a beautiful gif set by niklausxcaroline which captures this great moment for the fandom.



Wow Jomo I was so not prepared for this and I don’t think most of the fandom was either! My social media feeds exploded with shock and excitement. I haven’t seen the fandom this happy and full of spirit in a long time. This next post by klarolinestan has to be the the fandom phrase of the day.




Here are just a sample of some of the great reactions I saw on tumblr after Jomo’s exciting revelation. Enjoy these next few posts by cutiepieforbes, klausswordholder and howeverlongs.






Jomo didn’t stop there, he brought up Klaroline once again when discussing his favourite scenes. Next post by howeverlongs.



Yes I know these are only his opinions at the end of the day and it may not change anything, but it was still amazing to hear, especially coming from the man himself whose character is one half of our OTP. In his TVD days Jomo championed Klaroline, often tweeting about them and thanking fans for their support of the ship. Then came TO and Jomo fell silent on the subject, becoming awkward and uncomfortable in interviews and panels when the ship related questions were asked, rather choosing death for his character than a romantic endgame. But now it suggests that after all this time, Joseph Morgan still remains a Klaroline shipper at heart. Welcome back Captain, we’ve missed you!


Thanks for reading sweethearts, make sure to come back for my top tweets later on this week as I cover the fandom’s reaction on Twitter after Jomo’s Klaroline comments.