Trends in Klaroline Fanfics: Season 5 of TVD/Season 1 of TO



After season 5 a lot of things happened to the Klaroline Fandom and it was kind of like emotional whiplash. One second we’re all a crying mess of fangirls because they did the deed against a tree for a few hours, and the next thing anyone knows we’re being told that its over. That its no use to keep on shipping it because that was our “closure”. One thing that seemed to have a really interesting effect on the fandom though was the fanfiction take on the whole Klaroline Forest Sexcapade.

If anyone remembers, prior to the episode, there were tons of drabbles and one shots written that portrayed the different authors take on what they thought would happen. Some of which can be found here http://klarolinefanfiction.tumblr.com/tagged/5×11 However, the focus of this section is more on what all the authors were writing after they had sex and walked away. A lot of people took the route that sent us squealing and jumping in fangirl joy when reading and for a little while, many of the fanfictions featured what would happen when Caroline went down to good ole’ New Orleans and met up with Klaus once more.

Beautiful Disaster (written by Knows-it-all on fanfiction.net), featured this trend almost exactly as stated. Caroline goes to New Orleans after their little tryst in the woods. And for her, at least, it was enough to make her realize how she really felt about the towns biggest bad. But when she goes, the inevitable happens and Caroline is met face to face with some of Klaus’ “love interests”.

Beautiful Disaster, along with many other fanfictions try to close the gap left by the showrunners. And that gap would be the huge (non Klaroline fandom) elephant in the room: The Klayley baby. It’s okay. Don’t inwardly cringe or anything. In a lot of these fics the baby is something that’s either solved with a lot of drama and grovelling on Klaus’ part or just time for Caroline to adjust to the fact that being with Klaus is now more of a packaged deal.

Paradise Lost by Borzoi shows this struggle in a way that left a lot of people in awe of how easy it actually could be–and she explained the whole ‘nature’s loophole in a way that made it actually make sense to me at least. In this three-shot, Caroline is at college when she finds out about the baby. At first, understandably, she’s upset. Klaus, seemingly knowing what’s best for Caroline, gives her the space she needs until inevitably they end back up together.

The baby plot gap in canon was something that a lot of people seemed to just jump on the second they could. And after season 5–when most people probably thought they would be there to address it–the drabbles/fics/oneshots featuring Caroline finding out about that particular aspect of Klaus’ life just shot up everywhere. For many, they thought that Klaus should have told her the one time he came back to Mystic Falls. For others they thought it was better she didn’t know, or that maybe in a fit of rage Tyler would let that slip.

A lot of the time after the whole 5×11 debacle, people would write about what the future held for Klaus and Caroline, and based on how that person was feeling about it that would show up in their fanfictions. And some chose to just rewrite other aspects of season 5. Like what if Klaus had known about the drawing Caroline tore up? Or what if he knew about Enzo? Or what would happen if Klaus had been there for Caroline after Tyler left?

This last one is featured in a drabble written by Moultipass1 titled Love Me More Than You Hate Him. In this one, Klaus finds out about what Tyler did to Caroline and of course, in typical night in slightly blood stained armour, Klaus is there for her. Its not a lot of KC action, but there’s enough to have you sufficiently aw’ing at how cute they are and accepting the headcanon that Caroline texted or called Klaus after her breakup.

Its safe to say that around the end of season 5 a lot of Klaroliners–to say the least, weren’t really happy with the way that the show turned out. And it was common for us to just write what we wanted. Whether or not the writers decide to continue on with it, Klaroline lives forever in our fanfictions and in our hearts. And because our fandom is just so lucky, we’ll have a seemingly endless supply that grows constantly. Whether it be rewriting scenes to include our favorite couple from the show or continuing on in the future to see how they progress from there, Klaroline fanfictions have always been able to take canon, twist it, and turn it into something that we all love and that we can all appreciate.


Written by Lia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter