Trends in Klaroline Fanfiction between 3×11 and 4×01



When Klaus asked to see a dying Caroline, my heart leapt into my throat. He had already made the poor Tyler bite her. What other horrible thing was he going to do? Kill her? Manipulate her like Katherine did?

Well, as it turned out he did none of these things. He only expressed interest. In her. And just like that Klaroline was born. Thousands of people losing their mind, myself included. And stories. All kinds of stories.

So, let’s see what were the most popular trends during the course of season 3, up until the beginning of season 4.

– AU stories:

Different universe, different story. Supernatural Klaroline with a twist.


Guardian Angel by misselizathornton

Paradise for the Lost by liarfaker

You’re a Hideous Thing Inside by aconymed


– AH (All Human) stories:

All these stories are alternate universe where the Klaus and Caroline, and the rest of the gang, are living human lives. Free of the supernatural world but never free of complications. But where would be the fun in that?


An Unlikely Match by Babi

The Great Design by laurae13

UnravelMe by lostinmysticfalls


– Caroline makes a deal with Klaus:

When Caroline wants something from Klaus and Klaus only wants Caroline.


Never Look Back by steelhero92

Never Make Assumptions by Tealy Bob

Seven dates by Lovely Vero


– Dark Caroline:

Sired with Damon’s blood and killed by Katherine, Caroline could only become a great vampire, right? Well, imagine if she had been sired by Klaus. Oh, the terrible, terrible things she would do.


Barbie Ripper by nonoza

Dreams by Decadanseuse

Memoirs of a Vampire Barbie by sandys18


– Established Klaroline:

Stories where Klaus and Caroline are already a couple.


An Old Mistress by StefanxKlaus14

Everyday Heroes by CharmingWords23

Of Bears and Hybrids by klarolineepiclove


– Fairytale Klaroline:

Once upon a time, there was Klaroline. And we wished they lived (terribly) happily ever, ever after.


Little Red Riding Hood by MaddestFilmLitMaid3n

Tale As Old As Time by EternalFlame0410

The Vampire & the Huntsman by MsZola


– Historical Klaroline:

Klaroline set in another decade or century.


Chicago by AddriannaDestiny

The Devil in Me by immortalpen

The King of Hearts and the Queen of Spades by TalkingToTulips


– Klaroline in the future:

In a year or maybe in a century.


Brightly Lit and Rapidly Fading by openPandora’sBox

I’ll Love You For a Thousand Years by theoriginalvampire

Second Chances by klarondale


– Klaus and Caroline travel together:

Rome, Paris, Tokyo…


Paradise Circus by Lila2

The Devil in White by reels

Tourist by Lorelai Pattern

– Klaus in Tyler’s body:

Caroline loves Tyler and Klaus is Tyler. Sort of. Will he use the opportunity to his advantage? Or be a decent hybrid for once?


Seize the Night by MasterRoo

Wake Unto Me by Anastasia Dreams

You’ve Abused Me in a Way That I’ve Never Known by Banana71588


– Mythological Klaroline:

Klaroline set in ancient Greek myths.


Nameless Grace by TalkingToTulips

Pandemonium by LovelyLynn92

Solstice by she.dreams.in.colour


– Original Caroline:

When Caroline is part of the Originals’ lives.


Amaranthine by clangwee

So Long, Lonesome by Banana71588

Unlocked Consciousness by CitrusyGoddess


– Time travel:

It always starts with a spell and ends up with Caroline in a different time but always with Klaus.


Bound To You by Blissinator

I Will Love You Again by CandiceCandyFF

My Humanity by JavaJunkie110


Written by Samia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter