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Top 10 Single Parent AUs

Hey there, Klaroliners! The votes have been tallied for our Trope of the Month, and the results are in! Chosen by all of our voters, the winner for the poll is…

The Single Parent Trope!

We’ve compiled a list of fanfiction, both complete and in-progress, featuring this trope for your reading pleasure:

ย When Everything Changed by thelifehhypothesis

After the death of her best friend Elena and Elena’sย husband Damon, Caroline is made the legal guardian of their daughter, Lexi. Losing her friend, going through a breakup and learning how to be a mom all at the same time is tough enough, but throw in the handsome and intriguing neighbor next door, and her topsy-turvy life is about to reach a whole new level.

Because I Love You by Psyc0gurl0

It’s been six years since Klaus has been home. Six years away from his family, his past, and the girl he left behind. It’s a given that things would have changed after being away so long, but it seems that he left Caroline with more than just a memory of him when he left Mystic Falls.

Baby Talk by soapmaniac22

Conceived after a one night stand, Klaus and his 9 month old son, Erik are just trying to make it from one day to the next; that is until they meet Caroline. A collection of one shots, this fic goes through the changes and the evolving relationship between Caroline and the new men in her life.

This Woman’s Work by babyklaus

It’s been 11 years since her son, Henrik, was born. Eleven years of being a single mother and raising her son by herself. But all that changes for Caroline when she runs into a familiar face at her friend’s party. The face she hasn’t seen since before her son was born. His father.

The Choice by xoxodovelove

Leaving town after she got pregnant, Caroline is finally returning to Mystic Falls with her son Ryan. This leads to a series of events, including meeting the mysterious man who turns out to be more to her and her son than just the enemy her friends have been telling her about.

The Scenic Route by lucexoxo

Life can be difficult and complex in the best of times, but trying to co-parent your child with your ex-husband tends to make the journey a bit more bumpy, as Caroline and Klaus are about to find. But perhaps taking the road less traveled will bring these two and their family back together.

A Beam of Light by nicolew301

Normally your kid fics involve a certain level of AU/AH, but not this one. Caroline has been a vampire for two years when she finds herself in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not only is she about to see a whole new world when it comes to the supernatural, but meeting the Hybrid King brings trouble all it’s own. Especially when said all powerful Hybrid is raising his brother’s son.

The Right One For Me by Paroma

Caroline loves her job as an elementary school teacher. That role becomes even more interesting when she meets the father of one of her students. Andrew, the son of Klaus Mikaelson, is tickled by his dad’s crush on his new teacher. Hopefully this will be what brings the widower out of his shell after the mysterious death of his wife. But it seems the road ahead is not so smooth, especially when ghosts from the past surface.

Family Portrait by liarfaker

After he was born, Benjamin was soon made into an orphan. But Caroline promised to care and protect him from any harm, especially at the hands of the Original family. But it turns out the danger isn’t what they thought when Klaus is confronted by his feelings for not only Caroline, but the small boy who begins to look at him as a father.

The Teacher Trap by accidental rambler

Twin girls Phoebe and Rachel are determined to get their father, Klaus Mikaelson, married. To their teacher. Will Ms. Forbes fall into their plan? Can they get their dad a happily ever after?

And there you have them! Keep an eye out for the next Trope Poll and be sure to cast your vote!
See you next time!