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Top 10 Arranged Marriage Fics

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We asked and you guys answered. We gave you three options last time we ran our Trope of the Month poll and between Arranged Marriage, Meeting Abroad, and One Watching the Other Die, you all selected Arranged Marriage! One of my favorite things about this particular trope are all the possibilities, as evidenced by the fanfiction we’ve put together below.


Breath of Life by angellus08 tells the story of Caroline and her sister Katherine and their courtship with Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson. While Elijah and Katherine find the possibility of an arranged marriage pleasing, Klaus and Caroline aren’t so sure.  

In Love with the King by suzypyong is a dark tale about Princess Caroline of Scotland and her arranged marriage to the future King of England, Prince Klaus. Caroline has heard the rumors about how blood-thirsty the Mikaelsons are. Where before she was concerned about how she was going to make their marriage work, now she’s worried about simply surviving.

The Royal Wedding by howeverlongittakess is about the arranged marriage between King Klaus and Princess Caroline. Klaus is looking to expand his kingdom while Caroline has no desire to marry him. Neither of them expected they might find true love with each other.

In It Was Never A Choice by TheElejahDiaries, Klaus and Caroline have been engaged since infancy. Their arrangement has more to do with the union between two countries rather than the union of two people. Now with a neighboring nation threatening violence, will they be able to come together to not only unite their people but find love in the process?

Reign of Mercia by iikawin finds Caroline being forced from her home and into an unwanted marriage with Klaus, the King of Mercia. Klaus thinks he can steamroll his future wife into letting him get away with anything; Caroline means to prove him wrong.

Royals like us by Greysfan101 has Prince Klaus and Princess Caroline as sworn enemies. She finds him arrogant and he finds her boring. Will their arranged union end in disaster or will they find something within each other they never expected?

In The Marriage Bed by nurseholliday, Lord Klaus must produce an heir in order to inherit an Earldom. He goes to his wife with the intention of reconciling but unfortunately his estranged wife Caroline wants nothing to do with him.

His Bribe by ooJustdangerousoo features werewolf Caroline being married off to hybrid Klaus to secure an alliance between the werewolves and the vampires. The wolf in her is drawn to her new husband but mistrusts the vampire that also dwells inside him. With the threat of rebel wolf packs, the pressure to make the marriage work only intensifies.

An Arranged Marriage by M.G.S.H. has a Princess Caroline who was raised to be independent and intelligent, not at all the sort of woman Prince Klaus thought he would marry. He’d imagined his bride would be gentile and compliant and would obey his every whim. Caroline has no intention of submitting to her husband. Can two people with such different ideals find a way to live together and possibly find love along the way?

The King and His Queen by The Mikaelson Cupcake is the story of Klaus, the King of England, who is in need of a bride in order to secure his kingdom. King William, who is in need of an ally in his battle with Russia, offers up his beautiful daughter, Princess Caroline. Neither of them entered the marriage thinking they would fall for each other.


I hope you enjoyed these stories as much as I did! Thanks again for voting and be on the lookout for our next Trope of the Month Poll. And if you haven’t already done so, please consider making a donation to the magazine!