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TVD Final Season Round-Table with Hellsbellschime, Jonsnowbitch, and Klarolinedrabbles

Happy TVD Final Season Premiere Day!

That’s right, folks, it’s truly the beginning of the end! I had the opportunity to send your Klaroline/TVD questions, and a few of my own, to three bloggers who receive so many messages about the show, I truly wonder how they can still want to talk about it!

Hillary, Jenn, and Stephanie tackled these questions exhibiting exactly why our fandom, anti-kcers, and even CW employees hop into their inbox. Together they make an entertaining combination of optimism, realism, and a dash of pessimism with plenty of sass and even a few tender moments.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and to these three lovely ladies for allowing me to pick their brains. Grab a snack and maybe some tea in case we need to spill it *evil grin* and let’s jump in! Be sure to leave your answers in the comments section!

KM: First, and foremost, do you think Nina Dobrev will make a return to TVD? Why do you think that? For how many episodes?

Jenn: Yes, I think she will return. She was the face of this show for six out of the eight years it was on. I can’t imagine she won’t come back at LEAST for the last episode, maybe the last two episodes.

Stephanie: I always find myself wanting to agree with that, but Julie just has a tendency of setting stuff up for when it undoubtedly doesn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, and that kind of feels like what she’s already doing with Nina. Kind of feels like she’s ready to throw her under the bus, I gotta say. But I’d like to believe she’d come back, I don’t think I’d really like it if she didn’t. Also I gotta say, given how much we had to endure of Elena, homegirl better wrap up her story.

Hillary: Yeah, I’ve always said that I thought she’d come back at least for the very last episode, but lately I’ve been leaning more towards her not returning at all. Like Steph said, Julie always has a way of setting other people up to take the blame if she knows there’ll be blame to take. It seems like she’s already doing that with Nina. She could be doing it to be safe, but she could be doing it because she already knows she’s not coming back and doesn’t want anyone to blame her for TVD’s shoddy ending. And although I am an eternal Elena hater, I have to say that I don’t think it would be appropriate to end the series without having Nina come back at least one more time, even if it isn’t as Elena. However with that said, if she really doesn’t want to come back I can absolutely see why, and I don’t blame her.

KM: In terms of overall plot, what do you think will be the main storyline? Will we see more recycling of previous seasons?

Jenn: One of my biggest issues with the last two seasons of TVD is that it has felt like it has exhausted itself creatively. That was especially clear last year with some of the really sloppy plots, like Rayna and every domestic weirdness (I’m looking at you, Calaric) that felt like it was there to fill time. So I’m cautiously optimistic that now that we are at the end, the show is going to be working towards tying up loose ties rather than stretching out plot points haphazardly to fill time. Overall, I think that Damon’s redemption or epiphany or whatever  is the main story arc this season and that Defan is going to be really, really critical to everything.

Stephanie: Legend has it that every time Calaric is mentioned, an angel launches themselves into the sun to avoid it—true story. As for recycled plot lines, sadly I’m afraid that this final season is already victim to it, not that I’m surprised. We know that Damon’s Delena memories will be tampered with, which is just early Season 6 all over again, just switched. Now it’s Damon, and not Elena. And given Paul’s recent words of SC, those two seem to have fallen back into the same cycle, and by mid-season are probably a mess, not that I’m complaining.

Hillary: I had the exact same thought, clearly they’re going to have a lot of recycled plot lines because everything we’ve already heard about the upcoming season sounds like a recycled plot line. As for the main story line, I think it will be the typical TVD story line that we’ve seen for the last half decade at least, some new big bad shows up that’s magically older, bigger, and badder than the last big bad and the MF gang will defeat them. And if we’re really lucky maybe all of the female characters left alive won’t be pregnant in the series finale.

Stephanie: And not live up to their full potential, as well as their sheer purpose for living? Gosh darnit, Hillary. When will the lady hating stop?

Hillary: When the shows are finally over, obviously.

KM: There have been many questions surrounding a June wedding/engagement for Stefan & Caroline *vomits*, do you think the cast is just playing along with it to keep those fans interested? Do you believe Julie Plec would ever come close to following through on a wedding?

Stephanie: Well at this point, Julie is probably out to hand out as much as she can to each fandom. And with the engagement rumor circling, I think she’ll give them the illusion. But ultimately there’s not a chance that wedding is happening, at least not in my opinion.

Jenn: Everytime I see the words “June Wedding”, I break out into hives. I cannot think of a single WORSE ending to Caroline’s story than getting married to Stefan. This is a girl who became her best self when she became a vampire, a girl whose iron will and desire to live and see the world moved the world’s oldest, baddest vampire to tenderness. To have her story end with a saccharine wedding to Stefan of all people would just make me incredibly sad. I do think that SC is going to get a lot of petting in the first half of the season (hence the actors hyping it up)  but no, I don’t think that a wedding will ultimately happen. That would be tragic and awful

Stephanie: It’s funny, cause if they legit are engaged, the likelihood of this idiotic wedding, drops to zero.

Hillary: Personally that’s what makes the rumor so believable to me, because it sounds exactly like JP in the sense that she would be “giving the fans exactly what they want” and “honoring the ship” and then most likely immediately ripping the rug out from under them. So yes, I expect SC to get A LOT of fanservice in the first half of the season, but I expect them to break up for good before the finale.  

Jenn: Agreed. I think this is the showrunners’ way of “honoring” the ship before they move on from it to close the stories of the individual characters.

Stephanie: Sounds to me like by mid-season, which is what they’re filming now, they’re already broken up. Shout out to Paul Wesley, the Steroline King. But ultimately, agreed. Seems like a rather sure way to appease as much as she can before showing her hand.

KM: Since the Mikaelsons were such a big part of TVD, do you see them being incorporated into the final season? Flashbacks, mentions, flash forwards, or maybe even a little crossover?

Stephanie: I’m kind of leaning towards us only seeing Klaus right now, if I’m being honest.

Hillary: I think you could be right, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand I’d really like to see all of the Mikaelsons as the great characters they were for one last time, but on the other hand I kinda feel like just please leave the trash where it belongs now.

Stephanie: It’s a bit of a bummer that the chances of them sending out TVD with all the elements of what used to make it so great is small, but at this point, I can’t even be surprised. Beside’s, Klaus is the only one I’m in need of, so he’ll do just nicely.

Hillary: Yeah, again I’m kind of on the fence on that, because while I’d love to see the Klaus I loved again I know that the writers may or may not want to or even be able to make that happen, so leaving TVD!Klaus as a complete character arc made up of what we’ve already seen isn’t a horrible prospect for me.

Jenn: I think they’ll be back, even if it’s just in the finale. I think that they will be mentioned several times throughout the season, however.

KM: What do you think the chances are that some people decide to move over to The Originals, who do you think will?

Stephanie: Seeing as how logistically it wouldn’t really work, since for anyone to show up on the new season of The Originals, they’d have to have left TVD, the chances probably aren’t very good. They film at the same time, and there’s also the time difference. If The Originals got a Season 5 though, that’s another question entirely.

Jenn: I don’t think it’s very likely for the reasons Steph mentioned above. I think that TO is probably done after this season.

Hillary: I agree with both of you. Obviously it’s not even possible this season, and on the off chance that the show even gets another season I doubt they’ll have the kind of budget that will allow them to acquire any former TVD cast members.

KM: Let’s say there is Klaroline at the end of TVD and they make the leap onto The Originals, what do you think will be Lizzie, Josie, and Hope’s role in Klaroline’s future? Or do you, like I, still cling to the hope (bazinga!) that all the kids will be killed off written out of the narrative?

Jenn: This is a tough one. I think that something is either going to happen to those kids, or this will be left unresolved off screen. Either way, I firmly believe that Klaroline is going to feature in both finales, so we’re going to have to have some kind of explanation as to what Caroline is going to do with this co-parenting nonsense box that they’ve shoved her character into.

Stephanie: I gotta lean ‘no’ on this, because I’m rather confident those twins won’t be a factor forever. I just have a hard time thinking they’ll have those kids as a part of Caroline’s endgame. And I do realize that one shouldn’t rule out anything with these shows, but eh.

Hillary: Sadly I kinda feel the opposite. I completely agree with your logic, but I also think that both shows have stuck with the baby drama when it was against all logic, clearly dragging the shows down, and basically transforming the franchise into something completely unrecognizable. If they haven’t tried to bail out of this sinking ship yet I don’t think they ever will.

Stephanie: Okay wait, do you remember how in the last roundtable, that question that asked us what we thought was gonna happen with all the character’s if the show’s merged, and Jenn and I were both convinced Lucien would live, but Hillary wasn’t, If this question is this roundtable’s Lucien question, Hillary I will come for you, man. Stop being right.

Jenn: Why would you put that into the universe???

Hillary: Oh yeah, clearly this entire situation is my fault.

Jenn: You’re like the prophet of bad things to come.

Hillary: Or maybe the proportion of bad things that happen on the shows is just ridiculously high, so if someone speculates something shitty it’s pretty likely to come true.

KM: Kevin and Julie keep mentioning the perfect finale for TVD, Paul and Ian have said both mentioned that their ideal ending is Stefan and Damon walking off into the sunset…minus 2 daylight rings. What do you think are the chances of that happening? Or will there be a perfect fairy tale ending for the triangle?

Jenn: Paul and Ian get me on a spiritual level. Those two dorks dying in a blaze of glory would be amazing. Especially Stefan, because he is the WORST.

Stephanie: What I would give for that to be the ending of this series, honestly. But it’s not an entirely unlikely possibility. I often wrestle with the probability of it. And I would like the sort of parallel in them dying together like I believe they were always meant to.

Hillary: I would love this as an ending to the series as well, but I don’t think Julie would ever go for it. Her taste is much more towards the fluffy, and honestly, when has she ever in the history of her job permanently killed off a main male character? I don’t see her killing off Defan, even in the series finale.

Stephanie: As per usual, I’m inclined to agree. But it makes for a nice dream, don’t you think?

KM: Think of the final episode of TVD, what do YOU think will happen? Logically, how do you think KC will be worked in, how about any other ships?

Jenn: I think Delena are reunited, Damon becomes human, Stefan either wanders off or dies, and I think we will see a flash forward meant to cap off BOTH series and it’s Caroline knocking on Klaus’ door. Honestly, I don’t care in the slightest about any other ship.

Stephanie: That was almost poetic, Jenn. I think we’re gonna flash forward in the finale, and it’ll go beyond TO’s present time, and that’s how we get Klaroline. I have to believe that Bonnie will be alive, cause if she’s not, ima be hella salty. She’s gonna live dammit, and she’ll be with Enzo, because I fail to see why not? I can’t seem to settle on a ending for those in the triangle though, I’ve literally had like ten guesses in the past month. I think Alaric will be off somewhere else, hopefully on Pluto cause that’s just far enough, and with his kids. Oh, and I think Matt will be dead.

Jenn: I think that there will be “shock” deaths and as much as it irritates me, I think Bonnie will be one of them.

Hillary: I disagree, based solely on the fact that I have spent years speculating about this show with the two of you and I cannot think of one instance where our speculations weren’t so hilariously overshot it’s ridiculous. This show has been about nothing for years, and I expect it’s final year to be about nothing.

Jenn: Fair point.

Hillary: But at least we had a hell of a time coming up with a thousand headcanons.

Stephanie: We really have had quite the number of em, haven’t we? Haha.

KM: What is your dream ending for TVD? Don’t be afraid to throw in some “because magic!” ideas, we know JP & Co. aren’t.

Hillary: At this point I think the only ending I could possibly like is basically a “because magic” undo of everything that has happened since 4×15.

Stephanie: Yeah, not to jinx it, but I don’t know what else that’s left can be hit with a dose of ‘because magic’, maybe Bonnie getting her magic back, if anything.

Hillary: Well “because magic” got us into this mess, maybe it could somehow get us out of it.

Stephanie: I mean, true. But then that’d mean that they’d be doing something right, and I fear we’ve got a limit on how many things they’ll get right in the end. My dream ending though, and I spoke about this the other day on my blog, would simply be for everyone to have moved past where they are now. And that’s pretty lackluster, but when you have a show that’s demolished it’s characters, and halted them, as much as this show has, that’s honestly the best I could ask/hope for.

Jenn: Everyone dies except Klaroline. Everyone, no exceptions. That’s the dream, for me.

Hillary: Haha, now that you both have mentioned it I’d take either of those endings.

KM: Let’s step back from plot for a moment, what do you think is one of the show runners’ biggest regrets? How about the network’s? Do you think this will impact the legacy TVD will leave behind?

Jenn: The showrunners probably regret a lot of little things. There’s too many to count and I’m a little doubtful about their self-awareness, so I can’t really answer that. As to the network…I’d like to think that they regret not pushing to have Caroline on TO. She’s done almost nothing on TVD and TO has had some serious issues with taking itself too seriously (which Caroline could have helped with, given that she’s by nature a “light” character) and I think that perhaps the network regrets letting TVD run on as long as it has. It reached its sell-by date a long time ago and it’s been a huge waste of money for the past couple of years.

Stephanie: Yeah, that’s a good point. I too would like to think the network regrets not having at least pushed harder for Caroline to switch shows. TO has had quite the female lead issue, from the beginning with trying to make Hayley that character, to the disastrous attempt at tapping in Camille to take over. So it’d be nice if they wished they’d had pushed for something that in my opinion, the spin-off shouldn’t have gotten green-lit without. As for the writers, I genuinely have to believe that these people aren’t from this planet if they don’t regret some of these decisions. I mean, my god, I regret them, and I didn’t even make them!

Hillary: Jesus Christ, I mean, how do I answer this question. In my opinion basically 99% of the decisions made since 2013 have been mistakes, and I can’t imagine that anyone with a shred of insight or common sense wouldn’t recognize that, at least in hindsight. And yes, it will absolutely affect the legacy of the show. I don’t really think the show will have any legacy, because at this point it has been 2 ½ seasons of pretty entertaining teen supernatural stuff and 5 ½ seasons of repetitive Stephenie Meyer fanfiction. I think the franchise has deteriorated to the point where almost everyone will forget they existed once they stop airing.

Stephanie: And I lost the ability to feel some type of way about that, quite a long time ago. Point blank they did it to themselves, and they deserve to be forgotten in the genre. The ships will withstand time, and that’s no thanks to them.

Hillary: Agreed, and I also feel like okay, if people who were fans of the show on the level that we were fans of the show feel this way already when the show hasn’t even ended yet then it’s probably going to be as bad or worse than we think it will.

KM: Put aside all the shipper politics, writer/producer/actor bullshit, and tvd fandom problems, what has being in a fandom of this size and passion done for your life? I might hate everything and everyone associated with TVD sometimes, but deep, deep down, I will always have love for TVD and the fandoms. Do you feel that way?

Jenn: I do feel that way. Aside from letting me become great friends with these two ladies, this fandom has allowed me to really think critically about storytelling and the complicated structure of it and that has enriched me tremendously. I love my little Klaroline lambs and I always will.

Stephanie: I absolutely feel that way about this whole situation. I think that no matter how much I grew to loathe these shows, which is extreme, but it’s just the reaction I have for them now, I will always appreciate them? If that makes sense. This show, well TVD in particular, gave me the opportunity to build something. And it’s not something I ever envisioned doing. Running a blog, answering questions, making such lovely friends, has been such a wonderful experience, that I honestly wouldn’t trade for the world.

Hillary: Well that makes three of us then. I mean absolutely I feel like being a part of this fandom has changed my life. And it’s insane to say that because ultimately all we’re talking about is shooting the shit about a TV show, but the friends that I’ve made and the experience I’ve had, the encouragement I’ve gotten from other people and the enjoyment I’ve gotten from their company, it has all been really beyond amazing. I have been a fangirl for a really long time, but I’ve never experienced anything even close to this, and I feel like what I’ve gained has really made everything worth it. It’s not really about the show for me at all anymore, this community and experience is the only reason I’ve stuck it out for so long.

Stephanie: These shows are the honest to god bane of my existence, but I will—lemme be sappy—always hold a special place for them for allowing me to be here with you guys, and with everyone else.

Jenn: Awww, you guys. Group hug!

Hillary: Well really though! I mean y’all know I despise the corny but also like, this train wreck of a  show is the reason I have some of my best friends in this world. So yeah, to say that dealing with fuckery was worth it would be an understatement.

Stephanie: Well if I wasn’t weeping before, I am now.

KM: Any final thoughts on TVD for the fandom? On a scale of 1 – ASFJSDKJFKSDJFKJS, how glad are you the show is finally coming to an end?

Hillary: Well to get out of this cornball conversation, MOTHER OF GOD ARE YOU JOKING. OF COURSE I AM GLAD THE SHOW IS FINALLY COMING TO AN END. This is a particularly hilarious question to ask us, given what our experiences have been with certain fandoms and people outside of the Klaroline fandom.

Stephanie: Again, as glad I am to be here, I too am rather glad the show is coming to an end. I mean, this has been a rather taxing experience, worth it, but taxing. But would we be happy that the trolls, and nonsense would stop as a result? Why yes, haha.

Jenn: PRAISE JESUS, HALLELUJAH. Our national nightmare is almost over. God bless us, everyone.

Stephanie: We’ll always be the hate blogs, so there’s that.

Hillary: Haha, well we’ll always know that we were the hate blogs, but I’m quite looking forward to the day where we can just talk about the shows we watch or talk about normal people stuff without having the eyes of amateur and professional trolls reading through our conversations and doing weird ass things with it.

Stephanie: What a stunning concept, I don’t sleep, I wait.

Jenn: Amen.

You can find Hillary at: hellsbellschime.tumblr.com, Jenn at: jonsnowbitch.tumblr.com, and Stephanie at: klarolinedrabbles.tumblr.com.