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Hi, For this month’s fandom interview from twitter we talked to @klarojomo AKA Abby. She tells us how she joined the fandom. What she loves most about KC and being a part of Klaroline twitter fandom, Read here

So tell us about yourself. When did you start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Hi my fellow KCers my name is Abby. I’m from Malaysia, the land between Singapore & Thailand. I’m an Asian. I’d say I am still new to this stan twitter although I’ve been lurking around the klaroline tags every now & then from my personal twitter account. Joining kc stan twitter is the best decision I’ve ever made because I got to know a lot of amazing kc shippers from all around the world.


Which Klaroline scene is your favorite and why?

Every Kc scene is so amazing & meaningful but my all time favorite will always be the scene from 4×14, “It was all for you”. That was the exact moment when I fell in love with Klaus & Caroline and boy did I fall hard.

The raw beauty of that scene had me choked up. It was the first time Klaus openly and bravely admitted that he did something completely out of his nature for Caroline.


Which aspect of the fandom do you enjoy the most from the following and why? [Fanfictions, fanart and videos, twitter events or tumblr events]

KCers are the most creative and talented fandom of Tvd/To in all aspects of fan related things.

What I enjoy the most would be fanfictions (thanks to Angie @JoinMeNik, she encouraged me to read fanfictions). I am so glad I found the world of fanficton. There are so many different genres and beautiful stories woven around Klaroline.


Klaroline hasn’t had many scenes in the entirety of the shows run how did you manage to stay positive and hopeful?
I agree we have very few scenes between Klaus and Caroline but those few scenes are so stunning and mind-blowing, so passionate and deep that none of the other couples in Tvd/To have had. The strength and dedication of our fandom has always been a huge source of hope for me.

Also we’ve recently had some speculation about Candice cancelling her con because she probably will be part of TO as the filming starts around July, So that definitely gives me  hope for KC in the next TO season.



If you had the option to make Klaus and Caroline any other supernatural entities what would that be ?

Devils and Angels.


If Klaus and Caroline both had twitter accounts, what do you think their bios would say?

Klaus; A devil in disguise

Caroline; Your favorite vampire barbie.


If you were given a chance to present an idea for the storyline of Klaroline in the upcoming season of TO what would that be?

I’d like to see them as mates (because they of the unbreakable bond mates share) and would love if writers explored an SL around this.


Were you happy with Caroline’s ending on the Tvd finale? If you had a chance to give her an alternate ending what would you have done?

Couldn’t think of any better ending for her,that was absolutely perfect.


We got our endgame in Tvd finale in the form of a beautiful letter. Did you think our Original Hybrid was too cheesy or just the right amount of cheesy in his letter to Caroline?

He really put an effort to write a letter instead of just simply sending text messages, LOL. Absolutely not cheesy, he’s just so in love.


What was your personal headcanon for Klaroline endgame? How did you want to see our otp end up together?

I’m so bad at this. I am a simple person. I would be happy with however their endgame would be.


If you had to sum up in three words your experience being a part of the Klaroline fandom, how would you describe it?

Fun, intelligent, amazing.


Finally our message arena. This is the place where you can leave a positive message for one person in the fandom whom you think has left a conducive impact on you.

Everyone is so supportive. I couldn’t think of anyone specifically but if I have to choose Angie @JoinMeNik. She was the one who reached out to me when I first joined the fandom. I wish she was more active on twitter because I miss her so much. Stay humble & lovely. Thank you for all your support. I will always love you.