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Twitter Interview With Our Fav Trending Accounts: shadownightsg

Hello! We at the magazine have decided to introduce a new category of interviews in the mag, where we will include interviewing some of our very dedicated and passionate KCers. People who participate in twitter trends with a commendable enthusiasm ensuring our trends turn out to be successful.


For this months edition I talked to Fawn who some of you might know as @shadownightsg on twitter and as @klaus-liltle-black-rose on tumblr. She has been a very valuable part of the fandom since early 2015. She has never missed a planned trend tweeting and retweeting, sometimes even at late hours. Recently she found herself being inspired to make Klaroline edits and art.

Let’s see what she has to say about our otp, fandom and her experience with both.


  1. So tell us about yourself. When did you start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Soooooo me. I’m very shy and not very talkative (unless its a chat about Klaroline). I’ve been a fangirl my whole life over many OTPs. But I’m happy to say Klaroline is one of my favourites and has made the biggest impact on my life. I fancy reading, drinking yummy lattes, tea and am a huge fan of Joseph Morgan.

I became a KC fan around Halloween of 2012. When I first saw episode 2.19 where Joseph Morgan as Klaus made his first appearance, I just knew it was going to be special. Then episode 3.11 popped up on my DVD I was so overwhelmed with lovely fangirl feels I couldn’t breath and I was screaming, laughing and crying all at the same time. I was ecstatic.

As for joining the social media end of the fandom that was around January 2015.


  1. Which Klaroline scene is your favorite and why?

As a devout Klaroliner I’ll say I fancy all the Klaroline scenes, they’re beautiful and full of light with genuine beauty in every moment.

But I do have one scene that holds a very special place in my heart. Its the scene from episode 3.21 titled ” Before Sunset “. The one where Klaus goes to the school for Caroline despite being aware of the danger against his own life. We see the true extent and depth of Klaus’s devotion and feelings for Caroline. We see him team up with his enemies for her. His first thought was to get Caroline to safety no matter what it cost him.

Then that amazing encounter happens where the two of them meet up in the hall and Klaus tells Caroline that she is safe and she knows she is, which is clearly depicted by the way she says “thank you”. And then the way he flat-out orders her in his typical Klaus way to go straight home and keep herself safe, was a touching moment that reflected how deeply concerned he was for her safety.

The whole scenario was magnificent, soulful and right.

However the way the episode ended, with Klaus being desiccated and double crossed, it just broke my heart. I was disappointed with 3.21’s conclusion because in a way I could relate to it.

I know what it means to be backed into a dark corner and how much it helps when someone is just there for you, no matter what.


  1. Which aspect of the fandom do you enjoy the most from the following and why? [Fanfictions, fanart and videos, twitter events or tumblr events]

Honestly, I love all of the aspects. Each has something precious which inspires me on a daily basis.

However, the one thing that has been a real anchor for me is fanfictions. I just love reading, it has been my life long passion.

Its just so amazing to immerse yourself in the world of fiction reading and imagining the various scenarios in which our otp comes together. I think fanfictions truly help bond the fandom and I owe a million thank yous to all the amazing fanfic writers out there. Muah; you’re the best-(est) !


  1. Klaroline hasn’t had many scenes in the entirety of the shows run how did you manage to stay positive and hopeful?

I am dreamer, with an imagination that runs wild and wide. Once I came across Klaroline I knew they will be forever in my heart. There was no way I was going to let go.

Whenever I re-watch a lovely Klaroline scene or see a lovely piece of fanart, tweet or tumblr post, or read an amazing fanfiction. It just melts my heart and keeps my fancy burning bright.


  1. We know that you have been very dedicated and have participated in a number of twitter trends. What was your source of motivation?

For me its an opportunity to express myself and share my love for my Otp. I feel like in those moments when I am tweeting I can make someone smile. Tell them that we share the same “crazy, stupid love” for our Otp. In those seconds, I get to share the most brilliant things about Klaroline.

While participating in a trend I feel like there is this vibrant energy emitting from everyone, who is tweeting and sharing Klaroline, and its just so infectious and positive.

Also there is just something spectacular about your time line being full of nothing but Klaus and Caroline.


  1. If you had the option to make Klaus and Caroline any other supernatural entities what would that be ?

This is an interesting question.  I think I would like them to be angels or demigods.


  1. Were you happy with Caroline’s ending on the Tvd finale? If you had a chance to give her an alternate ending what would you have done?

Basically, yes. I was very pleased with Caroline’s ending.  I’m so happy that they left her a vampire. I think she really loves being a vampire and the possibilities that it brings for her throughtout her eternal life are endless.

Although I did want to see Klaus make an appearance in the ‘epilogue ending’.  Nothing too elaborate but maybe we could have had that dashing smile of his and hear him say “Hello, love.” That would have been enough to make me swoon but I’m hopeful for more to be continued in The Originals.


  1. We got our endgame in Tvd finale in the form of a beautiful letter. Did you think our Original Hybrid was too cheesy or just the right amount of cheesy in his letter to Caroline?

No, I thought it was perfect.  For me its not too cheesy at all.

I really think what was written needed to be said so it remains undeniable. The doors have been left wide open for the beginning of another story and it makes me excited.


  1. What was your personal headcanon for Klaroline endgame? How did you want to see our otp end up together?

They would be madly in love with each other. It would be the fairy-tale ending they deserve.  Caroline would build on the feelings of love that had always been there and adore Klaus.  While Klaus’ love would finally let Caroline be the first choice every time.

There would be together always and forever.


  1. If you had to sum up in three words your experience being a part of the Klaroline fandom, how would you describe it?

Brilliant, Epic, Fancy


  1. Finally our message arena. This is the place where you can leave a positive message for one person in the fandom whom you think has left a conducive impact on you.

Only one! Oh no; how can I possibly pick. There are so many amazing positive people in the KC family.

Well, since its just one person so here it goes:

Your encouraging words and positive view have been truly appreciated. Listening to your brilliant imagination has brought me along on some lovely Klaroline feels.

( Plus I know you would understand this. I gotta mentions flowers. I’m *never* going to be able to look at a flower with a straight face again. I still have to cover my eyes sometimes. )



So this was from Fawn who has been a truly lovely presence in the fandom. I thank her for letting me interview her and wish her all the best in all of her future endeavors.