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Twitter Interview with @klaroholic



The blogs team got the chance to interview the friendly and avid Klaroline shipper, Ruth, who is more commonly known on twitter as @klaroholic. Ruth is extremely nice and passionate, and all it takes is one look at her twitter to see her love for Klaroline.

KM: For those shippers that may not know you, can you tell us about yourself?

Ruth: Hi my name is Ruth, i’m a 16 girl from Scotland. I love all things klaroline and I’m addicted to literally hundreds of TV shows! I also have a strange obsession with my cat haha but that is not really important


KM: Here at the mag we always want to know what scene or moment did Klaroline capture your shipper heart?

Ruth: Um for me it’s hard to say because I love every klaroline moment so much. Obviously 3×11 is an important scene to me but honestly I think the moment I really fell in love with klaroline was 4×07 because I feel like it’s one of the first times we can see Caroline really having fun with Klaus and she isn’t just a distraction or part of a plan and she looks so genuinely happy and I’m going to stop talking because I’m giving myself feels


KM: If you watch The Originals, or have seen some episodes, what’s your thoughts about the show overall?

Ruth: I kind of watch The Originals, I stopped halfway through season 1 and I’ve seen the first few episodes in S2 but honestly I just don’t enjoy it. The entire time while viewing I just see how OOC the ‘originals’ are and then I get angry and end up throwing my laptop at a wall! (okay I don’t actually do that but who cares). I want to stay caught up so that when Caroline crosses over I will understand what is going on and I won’t be confused. (Note my use of ‘when’, it’s important to stay positive haha!)


KM: What’s your opinion on Caroline’s character development on TVD this season?

Ruth: Honestly Caroline’s character makes me sad this season. I wish she had taking a page out of Stefan’s book and just left Mystic Falls (well the area outside Mystic Falls but whatever) and gone travelling or anything, not even with Klaus I just feel like she is such an epic character but she never gets any chance to shine! And also don’t get me started on this Steroline ‘romance’. Honestly the fact that Julie Plec has to make everyone OOC in order to prop up Steroline just shows how much the two don’t fit together! It’s a shame because Caroline was my favorite character and now I can barely stand to watch her scenes.


KM: It’s no surprise that we are all deprived of canon Klaroline right now, how do you personally stay so strong and footed in the fandom?

Ruth: I watch a LOT of fan videos on YouTube and I think I have read every klaroline fanfic ever written! It’s a lot easier to have hope for klaroline when you are constantly watching/reading possible scenes and outcomes for them. Sometimes it’s a lot better to pretend that certain fanfics are real than to acknowledge that it’s been nearly a year without a klaroline scene. *sniffs and wipes away tears*


KM: You’re very actively involved with Klaroline on twitter. What’s the fandom experience like on there?

Ruth: I can’t even describe it. Joining twitter was the best decision I’ve ever made. I didn’t realize that there are so many just as obsessed with klaroline as I am and I have made so many friends through the fandom. Everyone is so kind and welcoming and to be a part of a fandom as epic as the klaroline fandom is will be something that I always treasure. People might not understand how it’s possible that the klaroline fandom is still so big and powerful but I think it’s because of the people in the fandom who are always positive and keep everyone’s spirits up!


KM: Do you have any favorite Klaroline accounts on Twitter?

Ruth: I mean, I have accounts that I enjoy talking to more than others but in all honesty, I love pretty much every klaroline account there is. It makes me happy when people talk to me on Twitter because I really enjoy getting to know new people which sounds kinda lame but oh well haha!


KM: Two years later, Caroline show’s up at Klaus door in New Orleans and asks him to show her what the world has to offer. Klaus is more than willing and determined to show her great cities and art and music, genuine beauty, but where would Klaus take her first?

Ruth: I like to think that he will save Rome, Paris and Tokyo for the end of their around the world trip as those three places are special. I think maybe he will take her to somewhere like New York to begin with and then explore America before venturing off into the rest of the world but the world is their oyster, so who knows?


KM: Does Klaroline remind you of any other ships from different shows, if yes how so?

Ruth: Honestly, no. I feel like klaroline is completely unique and special and that is one of the reasons I love them so much. I don’t think there has ever been a couple like klaroline and i doubt there ever will be. They are one of those pairings that are unexpected and that is why they have so many fans.


KM: With the New Year officially here, what are your hopes for Klaroline in 2015?

Ruth: Hopes for klaroline in 2015? Oh god I have so many! Ideally I would LOVE a crossover, preferably Klaus to TVD but I don’t mind but I will settle for a phone call or even just a mention. Honestly anything klaroline related would make me unbelievably happy!


KM: And finally, for those shippers who may be losing hope in Klaroline, what would you say to them?

Ruth: I would tell them to watch a fanvid or read a fanfic and immerse yourself in klaroline related things. We need to keep pushing for klaroline to happen and eventually we will get them back! If you are really losing hope then you can always come talk to me and I will do my very best to give you klaroline feels haha!


Check out Ruth’s Twitter Profile HERE


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