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The blogs team had the chance to talk to Jen, who is also known as @KlausIsHerLast on Twitter. Jen is the type of person who elevates shippers spirits in times of turmoil, and our fandom is highly fortunate to have her. When we want to scream she’s the one who helps us laugh. And when we want to cry she’s the one who makes us smile. Jen’s the type of positivity that every fandom needs and if you’re not following her on twitter, then you’re committing a crime.

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KM: Here at the magazine we want to know more about you and for those who have yet had the pleasure of knowing you, could you tell us about who you are?Jen: Hello, my name is Jeneviève but I go by my nickname which is Jen. I reside in the state of Massachusetts, I’m 20 years old and also a full time college student and I’ve literally changed my major about 4 or 5 times but currently I’m majoring in Tele-Production so we’ll see how that goes but I’ll probably change it soon. And last but not least I’m a Klaroline Shipper if that wasn’t obvious.

KM: What moment/ scene did Klaus and Caroline captured your shipper heart and why were you drawn to them?
Jen: Now I know majority of Klaroline shippers say they fell in love with Klaus and Caroline in 3×11 but that honestly wasn’t the case for me, it all started for me in 3×14 and the very moment I became captivated with them was the moment their eyes met as Caroline walked into the Mikaelson mansion, the way he gazed at her like she was the most beautiful creature he’s seen in his entire thousand years of existence just immediately drew me to this pairing, what’s beautiful is that nothing needed to be said just that one look said a thousand words.

KM: Our fandom has had their fair share of up’s and down’s, but we always come out on top, could you pinpoint one of the highest moments and one of the lowest?
Jen: I would definitely say by far our highest moment off all was during Klaroweek, that was indeed a huge Klarobration where we were all able to come together and remember the reasons why we fell in love with Klaroline in the first place, It was so much fun and full of love and positivity I will never forget that week. I really think our fandom as a whole truly need that week to just take our minds off of everything negative going on. Now I would definitely say our lowest moment of all time would be the devastating news after 5×11, Julie Plec just had to crush all of our hopes and dreams she just couldn’t give us two seconds of happiness. But like always we recover, we regroup and fight even harder.

KM: Many Klaroline shippers feel cheated because the writers believed that the scene in the woods would do Klaroline justice for closure. This belief has disconcerted people to the point that many have admitted wishing 4×23 was the last scene for Klaroline, what’s your opinion?
Jen:Here’s how I see it, if Caroline is ever going to show up at Klaus’ door she truly needed to finally admit her feelings to Klaus. Klaroline really needed to take that extra step in their relationship and Caroline needed to show Klaus that her feelings were in fact always mutual, but of course I feel cheated for the simple fact that Julie labeled 5×11 as closure that was most definitely not closure that was Klaus’ way of telling Caroline “If you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you, then you know where to find me.” Because let’s face it Klaus will wait “However long it takes.” he doesn’t want to force Caroline to be with him he wants it to be her choice and on her terms. So I for one am glad 5×11 happened but upset they called that closure.

KM: ‘And anybody capable of love, is capable of being saved,’ is a famous Klaroline quote. What do you think Caroline meant by this?
Jen: Not only did Caroline basically say Klaus was capable of redemption, but she truly believes he is capable to being good she’s actually the first person to actually see the good in Klaus, his own family couldn’t see that and I’m not saying Klaus is a great person because we all know he’s not but he has good intentions when it comes to his family and his love for Caroline. So I think what Caroline meant was yes Klaus you’re a dark person but their is some light left in you, because it’s only visible when she’s around.

KM: Scenario: Two years later, Caroline show’s up at Klaus door in New Orleans and asks him to show her what the world has to offer. Klaus is more than willing and determined to show her great cities and art and music, genuine beauty, but where would Klaus take her first?
Jen: Okay, well all know Klaus is going to take Caroline to Rome, Paris and Tokyo and anywhere else she wants to go but I think it would be just beyond adorable and more meaningful if he took her to Russia first to visit The State Hermitage Museum where his landscape is hanging now how romantic would that be

KM: Between TVD and TO’s which character would you A- Compel and what would you compel? B- Resurrect and why? C- Stake and why?
Jen: On TVD I would compel Caroline Forbes to leave Mystic falls along with her mother, let’s be honest her friends couldn’t care less about her, she’s nothing but a prop. On TO I would compel Klaus to stop crying all the time and grab some delux tampons for his massively heavy flow, we need our badass hybrid back.

And on TVD I would resurrect Katherine. She was my absolute favorite, and I loved the relationship she had Caroline in season 5, it sort of reminded me of Klefan which is my all time favorite brotp. On TO I would resurrect, wait I honestly haven’t watched this show in forever haha, but I guess I would bring back Papa Tunde because he was literally the only character that I found even remotely interesting and didn’t annoy me.

Then on TVD I would stake Elena Gilbert she’s annoying, selfish, and I’m tired of everything revolving around Elena, she’s definitely my least favorite character on the show. On TO I would stake Hayley, Let’s be real this girl cannot be trusted she’s the worst character ever, she’s practically Elena 2.0 and the show is called “The Originals” yet revolves around Hayley, who so happens to be everyone’s least favorite character.

KM: You’ve recently released your COAKS (Confessions Of A Klaroline Shipper) album, which was highly praised by the fandom. Can you tell us about COAKS and what first inspired you to make Klaroline songs?
Jen:Let me just put this out there that I’m very much aware that I cannot sing and I only make songs to entertain the Klaroline fandom, that just has to be known. And now that we have that out of the way I actually used to post silly songs on twitter all the time but then one day one of my followers asked me “Why don’t you make a song about Klaroline?” So that’s pretty much how I started making actual Klaroline songs and friends always encouraged me to make more and more songs.

I actually made this one song called “Always Shipping Klaroline” which I originally made specifically for Klaroweek a lot of people seemed to really enjoy the song and I honestly wasn’t expecting that, so after all the positivity I received from that was what really inspired me to make a full album just because everyone wanted more and I genuinely wanted to make my fandom smile. So I started working on ‘Confessions Of A Klaroline Shipper’ for the past maybe three months making songs whenever I had free time, I didn’t really plan of actually finishing it until around late September. But what really motivated me to complete everything was the fact that I noticed the fandom was really losing hope recently and really feeling down because Julie said “No Klaroline at least for the first six months.” So I thought it was a good idea to finish up the last three songs I was working on just to cheer everyone up including myself. I just wanted to bring everyone together again, so that we could remember that we’ve come so far and giving up is not an option we’re in this until the end.

KM: Jen, we have to ask this, what’s your history with Daniel Newman?
Jen: Well I’m sure everyone knows that Daniel Newman is an actor or should I say extra that was on “The Vampire Diaries” for about two episodes in beginning of season 3 and the whole fandom trolled him because he literally thought he was some famous Oscar winning actor, well anyways I would joke around and pretend he was my fiancé and the joke literally went on for a couple of months, even Daniel himself tweeted me several times going along with the whole thing, we even had a ship name which was called “Janiel” and I’m not joking this ship was more popular than any pairing on “The Originals” I’m being 100% honest.

But one day he actually unfollowed me and I was devastated, I even blocked him because I thought what we had was special so eventually many months past and what do you know just last week Daniel followed me. I tweeted him “I’ll take you back this time but if you unfollow me again we’re done for good.” So yeah you can say Daniel and I have quite the history.

KM: And finally, for those shippers who are losing hope in Klaroline, what would be your advice?
Jen: For any shippers losing hope for Klaroline my advice would be why give up now? We’ve come so far and we’re finally making some progress. Think about it we went from “This is the end of Klaus and Caroline’s story” to “Klaus and Caroline have some unfinished business.” Now we all know this is mainly because of our dedication and the petition. Now we’ve finally made a difference and if we give up now Klaroline will never happen because as long as we’re keeping Klaroline relevant and popular there is always a chance for them, our victory is right around the corner.

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Written by Jade. Find her on Tumblr or Twitter