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Twitter Interview with @PersyStark



The blogs team had the honour of interviewing, Persy, known as @PersyStark on Twitter. Persy is an avid and passionate Klaroline shipper, but she is also sarcastic, sassy and such a lovely person. Definitely one of those shippers EVERY Klaroliner should be following.

KM: Here at the magazine we want to know more about you and for those who have yet had the pleasure of knowing you, could you tell us about who you are?

Persy: I’m Persephone (Yes, the Greek Goddess *flips hair*). I am 21 years of age. Part time hotel receptionist. Part-time troll. Full-time KCer. And yeah that’s me summed up lol.


KM: What moment or scene did Klaus and Caroline captured your shippers heart?

Persy: I think it was 3×05. I only began watching TVD last year and I’d actually heard of them through twitter and YouTube before i even watched so i was kinda curious about them even when i had no idea who they were lol. But yeah then i marathoned TVD, i saw 3×05, aka when they first met, and i was all up on that straight away. I was just really curious to see how the big bad evil hybrid would interact with the bubbly blonde vampire since they have such different personalities, i thought it would be super entertaining to watch (and i was right haha). Then 3×09 came with “Your pretty little girlfriend, Caroline” and i was like “YASSSSS-*slams hand on table*- I FUCKING SHIP IT” and then 3×11 happened and i died of a feels overload lmao. And yeah the rest is history.


KM: We all have a favourite scene – what is yours?

Persy: I do honestly enjoy them all but the stand-out scene for me, personally, is 4×23 “i intend to be your last”. I mean, come on, this dude is a thousand years old. He’s been everywhere, seen everything, he will have met countless beautiful, enticing women but yet, here he stands, practically declaring his eternal love for the vivacious, always second choice, Caroline. He’s literally willing to wait forever for her to come to him. He’s given her all of the power and control in their relationship (and you know how much Klaus craves power & control so this is a big deal yo) which just goes to show how much he loves and respects her. Like seriously how can you not die of feels at that scene? I’m flailing just thinking about it


KM:No. It’s because you’re hurt which means that there’s a part of you that is human,’ is a famous Klaroline quote. What do you think Caroline meant by this?

Persy: Klaus loves being the alpha male and he’s always out to show that he’s the biggest, baddest dog around but deep down he does have vulnerabilities, mainly with his loneliness, and Caroline recognizes this. He lashes out when he’s afraid/hurt, like how he daggered his siblings when he thought they’d leave him, like when he bit Caroline because she was calling him out on all the horrible things he had done and I think he was under the impression that she was never gonna forgive him. His fear of being alone leads to him being an impulsive ass and hurting those he cares about in the process. I think that’s what she was referring to when she said “it’s because you’re hurt”. Also his adoration for her has led to him showing a more light, human side when he’s around her and she sees that there’s more to him than just the “evil hybrid”. She even said in one of the episodes, i think it was 4×09: “all day, i’ve been trying to remind myself of all the horrible things he’s done.” She’s seen that he is capable of human emotions and, hey, she saw all that without a Wikipedia Psychology degree. Amazing, right?

KM: What’s the Klaroline fandom experience on Twitter like?

Persy: Really fun. I love it when we do trends, especially during The Originals because it’s always funny for a “dead” ship to get a trend on that list when an entire show can’t but i digress lol. I really enjoy doing trends because it brings us all together as a fandom to express our mutual love for this ship and the sass is just top notch . There are times when it can get quite difficult, given the current circumstances regarding our ship, but we always pull through in the end. Klaroline fans are really strong and devoted and i just admire that so much. Four for you, KCers, you go KCers!


KM: On Twitter you provide so much humor for the fandom, does humor come naturally to you?

Persy: Haha why thank you! I’d say I’ve always been sarcastic as hell and i never like to take myself too seriously, so yeah it kinda does come naturally. It helps that I’ve got such good material to run with, what with TVD and TO being so hilariously bad, you know?


KM: Julie Plec recently stated that she had never indicated/ promised a Caroline mention on The Originals and personally the interview seemed disrespectful to Klaroline shippers, what’s your opinion on that?

Persy: I think that Julie Plec has a serious case of stupidity and needs to get that checked out asap.


KM: What would you say to Julie Plec if you were given the chance?

Persy: “Look at your life, look at your choices!”


KM: Scenario: Two years later, Caroline show’s up at Klaus door in New Orleans and asks him to show her what the world has to offer. Klaus is more than willing and determined to show her great cities and art and music, genuine beauty, but where would Klaus take her first?

Persy: I’m gonna be totally cliche and say Paris, aka the city of love, aka the city where they’re gonna do the dirty over and over again in a 500* hotel suite overlooking the Eiffel Tower


KM: And finally, for those shippers who are losing hope in Klaroline, what would be your advice?

Persy: I would say, my little elephants, ignore canon (unless you like it) until there’s a hint of Klaroline. Ignore all interviews because it will probably just result in you face-palming so hard that your brain will explode. Read fanfiction (if that’s your thing), watch Klaroline fan-videos, watch old Klaroline scenes and just remember that Klaus intends to be Caroline’s last love. Neither Julie, nor any of the other writers can take that away from you. It is canon that Klaus is willing to wait however long it takes for her, so just remember that. The fanbase is still strong, despite everything that’s happened. Klaroline is the biggest, most popular Klaus and Caroline ship there’ll ever be so just revel in that fact and just enjoy fanon until we get our crossover 😉


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