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July 2015 Twitter of the Month: @bobsbellamy


Hello fandom. The blogs team got to chat with this months Twitter of the Month winner; @bobsbellamy. Check out what she had to say below.

This account is run by Christina – a Greek Canadian, who recently graduated from University. Christina belongs to way too many fandoms and she’s a hardcore, loyal Klaroline shipper. She’d also totally be willing to barter her soul for a new scene, provided that was still a feasible option. Actually, she’s already bartered it for Klaroline scenes in the past. But, she’s still waiting on the delivery though.

Asking Christina what her favorite Klaroline scene was proved difficult, because she’s completely in love with all of their scenes. But, when pushed further, she admitted that her all time favorite had to be the “I intend to be your last” scene because that scene was the one that had the biggest impact on her when she watched it live. Funny enough, she fell off her couch and sobbed like a crazy woman watching it, but she can’t be the only one who did that, right?

While all their scenes are wonderful, this one  gave her the most hope, because it showed promise of a future between the two characters. Klaus made this declaration of certainty

despite having already met Hayley and Camille. He made this promise after being alive for several years and having more than his share of romantic entanglements. Because despite his age, he had never before come across someone quite as wonderful as Caroline Forbes. He knew she was the one he wanted to be with and there is no getting over a scene like that. And, Christina is still recovering.

She absolutely adores the Klaroline fandom on twitter. They’re sassy, witty, kind and loyal. They fill her timeline with Klaroline and due to shippers dedication, she find’s her love for Klaroline remaining strong and intact.

“It’s much easier to remain passionate about something, when you’re surrounded by equally passionate people.”

On Twitter the fandom are also very organized, she said. When the Klaroline fandom decides they want to accomplish something, they do. They’re a force to be reckoned with. They’re also exceedingly friendly.

As much as Christina love’s the tumblr experience, she prefers twitter because It’s very much a familial experience on twitter. People are very chatty and it’s easy to meet new people. She’s met some very wonderful people on tumblr, but has met even more through twitter. It also gives people easy access to meeting other people, which is nice. She feels like tumblr is a more isolated experience, so twitter is a welcomed change. But Christina warns that it’s super addictive. It will eat up your free time – dare she say, even more so than tumblr.

“Because of Klaroline: Because of Klaroline, I found a wonderful OTP, discovered fanfiction and met wonderful people who I now call my friends.”