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Twitter of the Month: @em_lilies


October’s just arrived and while it’s going to bring a lot of trick and treating, we have a treat for you all; Twitter of the Month! And it goes to *drumroll* @em_lilies!


The blogs team got the chance to chat with Ezza, 25-year-old student from Pakistan, who is currently studying medicine to become a doctor. When Ezza is not face deep in books and lectures, she’s fangirling about Klaroline and it all started when Klaus healed Caroline after ordering Tyler to bite her – which happened to the best of us. You know that scene where Klaus attempted to get to know Caroline, while she was being used to distract Klaus? Well, that is definitely a top pick for Ezza’s favorite quote and it was for sure a memorable and important scene/quote for Klaroline.


When asked if she watches The Originals, Ezza said, ‘I only saw the first episode but I’m sorry to say the whole baby plot and The Originals working hard to bring Klaus closer to his humanity failed to pique my interest.’ And I believe that’s the case for most of us, at least for me, the whole baby concept ruined everything the writers had been building up to. Caroline was the one person who had the ability to redeem Klaus somewhat. Despite him being a 1000-year-old hybrid, who was portrayed as someone without any humanity left, Caroline brought out his humanity – however small, but instead the writers seemed to totally disregard that in the end and try a ‘baby plot’ which made a lot of us lose interest, because they were trying to reintroduce a story arc they had already been in the middle of. It didn’t work. It failed, miserably. Whoops.


Onto TVD, Ezza hasn’t watched the last two season of that – despite the KC scenes from season 4 – and nor does she plan to. Throughout the first four seasons of TVD, she was happy with Caroline’s character development, but she’s not enthusiastic about the idea of the writers turning Caroline and Stefan’s platonic friendship into a soap opera.


‘I intend to be your last, however long it takes,’ is probably the most important scene for Klaroline and as Ezza said; it was a promise that was epic. She also said, “They weren’t together like the other couples on the show yet they have this strong bond where there is a need for a declaration , a promise to be made before they find their way back to each other.”


We had a lot to discuss when talking to Ezza – so to break up this article a little, here’s the rest of her interview!


KM: It’s no surprise that we are all deprived of canon Klaroline right now, how do you personally stay so strong and footed in the fandom?

Ezza: I personally stay strong because the aforementioned scene ” I intend to be your last,however long it takes.” has kept me hoping and positive about their reunion but the more essential reason that i’ve been able to hold onto Klaroline is whenever i visit social networking sites like twitter and tumblr the immense number of people shipping and routing for klaroline gives me a renewed sense of purpose to keep shipping them. In short KC family is my anchor for this ship.


KM: You were the mastermind behind the Klaroline Quotes Event – which was a soaring success – what made you think of this, and how do feel it went?

Ezza: Yes , I was the one who came up with the idea of having an entire day of Klaroline quotes.The idea came to me when i was tweeting KC quotes and was wondering oh god all of the scenes of KC are staggering, they should literally be qoutable qoutes and people should study them like the epic literary romances like Romeo and Juliet. Hence I asked a few of my Klaroline friends if they were up for the quotes day and the response I got was overwhelming.I felt it was indeed a soaring success, a monumental event in the history of fandom shipping KC and also hope that the fandom feels likewise.


KM: If you could only choose one character, either Klaus or Caroline, who would you choose and why?

Ezza: I think I would choose Caroline because she is one of those people who are downright loyal and selfless but at the same time human enough to make mistakes and is even courageous to admit and learn from those mistakes. After turning into a vampire Caroline was truly the leading lady for me because she became strong,passionate and sincere with a stupendous ability forgive even those who have wronged her in the past.


KM: We always like to end interviews on a positive, so for those of us that are beginning to lose hope in Klaroline, what would you say to them?

Ezza: I would say there is always hope and i know you may have heard it a million times but hope is what matters at the end of the day.And also i would like to quote Dale Carnegie,

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. ” So keep shipping Klaroline and keep spreading positivity.


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