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Twitter of the Month: @KlausIsHerLast

twitter_jadeTwitter of the Month has rolled around again, and this month it’s dedicated to @KlausIsHerLast​. We got the chance to chat with Jen, so check out what she had to say below!

Jen, a 21-year-old American, is a smut fanatic – but not just any smut fanatic, a Klaroline one! And that’s pretty much what her life consists of, along with watching Klaroline fanvids and trolling on Twitter.

“Basically if I’m not at school or work I’m reading smut and why am I even lying to you because when I’m at school or work I’m still reading SMUT.”

And, it comes to no surprise that her favorite Klaroline scene was their first date in My Brother’s Keeper (4×07), because of all the eye sex, but also because of the smiles, the laughs, the champagne, and all that sass. Which, if you think about it, would pretty much sum up a night out with Jen.

“I definitely peeped Tyler staring at Klaroline I think he lowkey shipped them no wonder he kept leaving town not because he was a punkass bitch but because he needed his OTP to happen.”

To Jen, the Klaroline fandom on Twitter are her family and she feels more comfortable communicating with her internet friends online, than she does at home with relatives. The Klaroline fandom is just as important to her as Klaroline itself, because there’s not a fandom out there that has survived as much as we have – and been deprived of scenes for over two years – yet are still standing as strong as ever. And while Jen might not be as active on Tumblr as she is on Twitter, she still see’s them as part of her family while the only difference being is that we use two separate social media outlets to promote Klaroline.

“I know the tumblr fandom are awesome kickass shippers and slay just as hard as us twitter shippers so as long as they never give up, keep promoting Klaroline and continue to post amazing edits, gifs and drabbles that’s really all I care about.”

Being the most impatient person on the planet – who doesn’t wait for anything or anyone – Jen is finally understanding the meaning of patience is a virtue, because of Klaroline.

“I’m literally going to wait however long it fucking takes or until the lord smites Julie Plec in the name of Jesus Christ and she joins the congregation of death. Until then I’ll keep doing what I do best.”

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