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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×04 “Keepers of the House”

“Promise me if you ever see the blue lights, don’t look at them.” – Keepers of the House

Hope Mikaelson’s only warning and the one thing that they did, this is how the plot of the fourth season continues but let’s start our twitter recap.

This week we had our usual Klope moment, this time Klaus promised Hope the world, so we could not avoid thinking about things *sighs*

Also, we have a little of #TheOriginals tea (did they really write that? Lol)

[Insert Nicole Cage Meme] You Don’t say?

I know TO writers want to write so Shakespearian phrases, but the amount of dirty tweets I read about this

Oh look a crossover or another way to be original

You see why my previous comment

However, despite these little details, it was a good episode and all the time I just…

Of course, there will always be someone that will be missing.

And honestly, I can wait for next week episode

But of course, my like for this episode is a little biased 😉

See you in our next recap