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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×06: “Bag of Cobras”

Bag of Cobras: “You’re throwing a fake party in honor of a fake truce, and your guest of honor is in a dungeon.” Hayley Marshall

And that is a perfect summary for this episode, anything to know who’s The Hollow.

Welcome to another Twitter recap of The Originals

Since The Mikaelsons needed this fake party as soon as possible who better to plan it.

And honestly Klaus did it again!

We also learned other Klaus skills

This tweet is kind of true, only with 4 people less.

But is not this one of the reasons we love him?

Look who really has had a development since season 1 and an actual plot that other deceased characters had wanted (not you Davina, you did have a plot)

We had a flashback on Hayley’s childhood, but we got distracted by some unintentional? similarities

This week a new ship was born but we don’t have a ship name yet, any suggestions?

But we do have a ship name for Freya and Keelin – Freelin, because writers haven’t been subtle with these ladies.

And at the end of this episode, not everyone was happy, specially Klaus but he has his reasons.