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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×12 “Voodoo Child”

“I know that you want to have a normal life with friends and school and art and sports and …” Hayley Marshall

C´mon writers, just say “Caroline’s school” is shorter and less obvious.

Welcome to another twitter recap, we get closer to the moment Hope goes to Caroline’s school, because let’s face it who will defeat the Hollow doesn’t matter here but who will take Hope to Caroline.

Let’s start it.

I bet this would be 1000 times more entertainment that the Hollow herself

Can they leave our queen alone without hurting her pride?

Vincent was the only helpful one in this episode

Well, from what he could.

Yep, we had another of those episode where Klaus just pop up.

Could they give back the show to Klaus?

Yep, more Haylijah drama with double standards.

Accurate, but Hayley wasn’t so cute but funny.

But what about Kol, you know the other 1000 years old Originals *side eyes*

But what makes sense in this show?