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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×01: Gather Up the Killers

Our twitter recap of ‘Gather Up the Killers’:

“And we paid a high price for that peace” – Vincent Griffith

And we, Kcers, have paid off handsomely, and that’s why Klaroline is now ENDGAME.

I couldn’t start this featured without remembering that Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes have another story to begin, and it may perhaps be here in The Originals, so welcome back to The Originals Twitter Recap after…a lot of time.

Apparently, we all need a refresh about what happens here

But the show does not make it easy

However, as usual, we always hope to see more.

And there it is the hope

To be honest, I appreciate this reminder of how vampires look, which we rarely see in TVD

Klaus has been in captivity for 5 years, but our suffering to see him like this sounds the same in any language “KLAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS BABY I MISSED YOU”

Now, Elijah is another story or the same even asleep?

This episode brought us things that surprised us all, have they been for better or for worse?

And is that the fandom is divided into opinions

The important thing is to enjoy and laugh (a little? Because seriously sometimes…)

See you next week.