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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×02 "No Quarter"

“I’m dead” – Can you guess who said that in ‘No Quarter’? Lol I’m petty

That just reminds us that Klaroline is still alive and endgame. I will never get over this.

Let’s start with our recap, shall we?

The episode this week was called “No Quarter” or just…

Me, in every episode of The Originals, I can’t help it

And is that there are always 47964371 possibilities to make a crossover possible, but writers always find 47964371 excuses for not. (And rant’s over)

Anyway…some people are still waiting for the show that they promised us based on “Dangerous Liaisons”, meanwhile we have these Mikaelsons, to which you get used to.

This week we have a special guest, remember who it was.

Because magic #1

Because magic #2

In more serious matters, I really enjoy Kol from his mischievous comments to his softness (kind of)…please don’t go Kol.

Two completely different emotions in just one tweet, only with Klaus.

In the end, it was an episode full of emotions, so many that you forget that it’s a vampire show, almost in every episode *sighs*