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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×03 “Haunter of Ruins”

Haunter of Ruins. “What’s the holdup? All right, we rescued Nik, we escaped mortal danger Why are we not on a private jet to Saint-Tropez?” Kol Mikaelson.

And if everyone had listened to Kol there would be no TVD S4 and now The Originals S4, coincidence?

This week we have the long-awaited reunion of Klaus and Hope and, how was it? Yes, exactly how you think

After all it’s Klaus and there’s only one way he can be.

But hybrid and all, he’s still like most men.

Important things to note about this Klope reunion…

Bring her her sisters….sorry sorry other kids to play.

In other matters in this episode,

We have a little of each Originals, but as usual we expect more than they can give us.

Sadly, at the end of this episode we had to say Bye-Bye to the younger ones, again!

I would add to this tweet the “very few moments”

But if you’re looking other reasons to watch the show, here two

Also, this season is inspired by IT, Children Of The Corn, the Ring, Village of the Damned and any other creepy Horror movie with kids. So if you’re into this kind of stuff …yep.

Because when there are children involved you are never sure who can be the bad guy.

Don’t miss the next episode, it’s the second episode of Joseph Morgan as director.