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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×08: 'Voodoo in My Blood'

Voodoo in My Blood: “The only reason I’m heading your way is because I don’t want you anywhere near Mystic Falls” Alaric Saltzman

Who would have thought that Kcers would be so happy to see Alaric? Welcome to Twitter
recap of the Originals 4×08 aka “the Caroline Mention Episode”

The episode started with an Alaric being cautious.

Klaus was very sassy this episode

But also, a little weak TBH

The biggest mystery of the season isn’t the hollow, tho.

It’s official Hope is the badass person on the show saving the day one parent at the time *side eyes*

Meanwhile it was confirmed that Alaric had just one purpose to this crossover: Say Caroline’s name and talk about her school for “gifted” children aka Hope.

And what can make a tiny mention, oh well:

Collapse twitter

Watch Klaus internal screaming

Create multiple scenarios, which will soon be Canon

Although some go further,


He’s Klaus after all.

An inconvenient truth… for antis.

But at the end of the day there is only one question left

Maybe in The Originals s5…