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Twitter Recap of The Originals 4×13 “The Feast of All Sinners”

The Feast of Sinners:

“And he (Klaus) smiles” to Elijah, meh! I confess I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Caroline, but I suppose we’ll have a lot of smiles for her in Season 5.

Here is the last twitter recap of season 4

And this season ended with the 4 Mikaelson separated because they basically became a walking copy of Harry Potter.

Why we fight over this, it’s well known that writers tend to forget TVD canon.

This is how you destroy all the drama Mitch wanted to create about this tragic separation.

Because let’s be honest, the solution is naked eye.

But going on to better things….we made it.

Here comes the headcanons

Real footage of what Klaus saw while smiling

They are definitely the same…and maybe next season they will smile at each other

As a final, let’s do a retrospective of Season 4.

And the most important thing of this season finale… do let the door hit you on the way out 😉